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Egg Hunt

Find all 4 types of eggs.

Egg Hunt0
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28 Oct 2010
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The easiest way to obtain all four types of eggs is to message a friend on xbox live that has all the eggs. If you message me I will hook you up as soon as i can -That505Guy on xbox live and I will give you all four eggs.=]

P.S. to get the achievement you must move the egg back into your inventory.
H3L xOKAMIxIt wont let me add you because your friends list is full, can't find a golden egg and its really annoying. Would really appreciate it if you could give me one.
Posted by H3L xOKAMIx on 04 Apr 11 at 19:44
proDragenthanks for the solution! :)
Posted by proDragen on 31 Jul 11 at 03:21
L0RDXFLACK0thanks for the eggs ;)
Posted by L0RDXFLACK0 on 23 Nov 11 at 01:14
matdanTo get golden eggs you may get with a random who has infinite golden egg they'll probably give you some.
Posted by matdan on 08 Dec 11 at 06:04
wBRYThis guy is good he will help for sure thumbs up
Posted by wBRY on 01 Jan 12 at 17:40
lowrida1987i just need the rotten egg.
Posted by lowrida1987 on 03 May 12 at 04:46
That505GuyHit me up on xbox man Ill get you on there
Posted by That505Guy on 03 May 12 at 06:58
General420manthanks for the help with the achivement
Posted by General420man on 04 Jun 12 at 02:50
AdvisedTimeLordThanks! You helped me out a lot. Guys He still has the eggs & now so do I. Cheers!
Posted by AdvisedTimeLord on 17 Feb 13 at 21:27
GaunerEagleFrien Request is sen please give me one golden Egg for the Achievement
Posted by GaunerEagle on 02 Jun 13 at 23:24