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Wizard's Revenge

Kill 500 enemies using magic.

Wizard's Revenge+0.2
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AesiwattAesiwatt79,145 79,145 GamerScore
27 Oct 2010 28 Oct 2010
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Simply kill 500 enemies using magic. First off, you will get an easy 100+ kills when you are escaping the castle because of the bats you need to kill. Then, just use magic to kill as many enemies as you can, whenever you can. I personally unlocked it when I reached Mourningwood. Also, don't forget to increase your magic damage on the Road to Rule, to kill enemies with less effort. Cheers!
PR Mk45 I found that by the time I got the music box I had nearly 250 kills with magic. This is best to build early on as the enemies are easier and you don't have to charge the magic. :)
Posted by PR Mk45 on 02 Nov 10 at 23:22
Hirsute Dave Big area bursts also help.
Posted by Hirsute Dave on 09 Nov 10 at 09:49
SemanticV0id When fighting the shadow creatures, they are one hit kills, so this is an excellent place to get the achievement if you don't have it already, especially when using charged area spells to kill multiple foes at once. This is were I got the achievement.
Posted by SemanticV0id on 20 Nov 10 at 04:30