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Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead Nightmare.

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There are 13 in U.S.A. and 10 in Mexico. They are the games main towns and settlements. It would probably be a good idea to unlock Mexico before going for this but I found that you have plenty of time as I wasted a lot of time looking for undead horses and was still able to get it. Make sure you don't save or fast travel as both waste lots of in-game time. Get one undead horse, War is best, and ride. Alternatively if you have already beaten the game then you could clear these with Death which is considerably easier.

Here is a list of all the locations:


West Elizabeth towns
1. Blackwater
2. Cochinay
3. Manzanita Post
4. Pacific Union R.R. Camp

New Austin towns
5. Thieves Landing
6. MacFarlane's Ranch
7. Twin Rocks
8. Armadillo
9. Fort Mercer- Always safe
10. Plainview
11. Ridgewood Farm
12. Rathskeller Fork
13. Gaptooth Breach


1. Escalera
2. Nosalida
3. Tesoro Azul
4. Chuparosa
5. Las Hermanas
6. Agave Viejo
7. Casa Madrugada- Always safe
8. El Presidio- Always safe
9. El Matadero
10. Torquemada

Fort Mercer, Casa Madrugada and El Presidio are always safe but you still need to go to these places. If your map doesn't show the ? Status Unknown then simply ride near a town and they will be added to your map. The ones that are safe will show a crucifix and towns under attack will have an undead hand.

If you are unsure what to do next or how to get to mexico just do all the available survivor missions. Start> Journal> Survivors. After about 48-72 hours in-game time the towns will come under attack and if you don't help they will eventually be overrun and survivors will start to die. This achievement will still unlock if any town is overrun and all survivors are dead.

Edit: Some people have reported that even though they had 13 in N. America and 9 in Mexico saved the achievement didn't unlock until they finished up with the story. This is because Escalera also needs to be done for this achievement. It can be done before or after the story. Thanks to africansk8er for pointing this out.

Another quick note courtesy of RazgriZ FX is that to do Las Hermanas you will need to talk to the Nun just outside of town to gain access. Just so no one wanders around the town trying to figure out how to save it.

Edit: A few people have had some problems with Torquemada. To save Torquemada you must ride around the east side and up to the top to save the town. The little unknown symbol isn't exactly accurate.
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cjwallace Even though I had 13 in America and 9 in Mexico saved, it didn't give me the achievement. But when I had beaten the story part, it let me save Escalara and then I got the achievement. I've heard some others had the same problem.
Posted by cjwallace on 30 Oct 10 at 18:06
JCKellner This may throw some off, but, this achievement popped for me even though I hadn't completed the story yet and I had not visited El Presidio yet, all others were complete, but, not El Presidio. I was able to save Escalera before finishing the missions on my way over to Nosalida.
Posted by JCKellner on 06 Nov 10 at 04:17
AG Bucky Barnes I've only just entered Mexico & haven't even touched any missions a part from obviously contacting the Nun so you can enter Las Hermanas. Just cleared it out & pop, achievement unlocked. So loads of the story still left to do with only 54% of the game done.
Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 06 Nov 10 at 21:26
Fal1phor The towns go under attack very slowly. After one goes under attack, it will be awhile before another goes under attack.
Posted by Fal1phor on 11 Nov 10 at 17:27
Scary Superstar I've just got to Mexico, have saved around four towns and now keep losing McFarlane's Ranch. No warning to say it's under attack and I can't travel there quickly enough from the last autosave. Anyone else had this trouble? If so, is there a workaround or do I need to restart Undead Nightmare?
Posted by Scary Superstar on 12 Nov 10 at 01:52
Scary Superstar But can you recover a town once it is lost? It's now marked as a red inverted cross on the map.
Posted by Scary Superstar on 12 Nov 10 at 17:04
CaudyBoy Im at the torquemada point, the furthest point to the west in mexico and it nothing is there at all.. so the achievement wont pop. Any ideas guys im stuck and its the only remaining one i need to make 'safe'
Posted by CaudyBoy on 26 Nov 10 at 14:50
Gogore WoD Ive beat the game, all places are safe.. 9 in mexico, 13 in US.. no achievement. Torquemada has a status unknown thing on it and when i go there theres nothing to do. wtf??
Posted by Gogore WoD on 27 Nov 10 at 18:08
CaudyBoy Ok thats great, thanks for the reply.. ill try and see if it works :]
Posted by CaudyBoy on 27 Nov 10 at 23:47
CaudyBoy Thank you helwaboke, your right... it is at the top of the hill (and not where the '?' marker is)
Posted by CaudyBoy on 30 Nov 10 at 17:47
dropK1CK ninJA There is a 10th Mexico town, Escalera that is required for the achievement which doesn't become available until after the main story is done.
Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 04 Dec 10 at 22:26
deutschZuid dropK1CK please do not give false information. Escalera is available whether or not you've completed the main story. It's just it doesn't show up on your map with a question mark. It's the first Mexican town I went to as I suspected it might be infested and it was. Using common sense/logic sometimes is helpful (biggest town in Mexico.. hmm something might be going on there..).

I got this achievement before I completed the main story line just to confirm this.
Posted by deutschZuid on 16 Dec 10 at 11:50
zr122 Yeah, I also saved Escalera before finishing the story. It was my third saved city in Mexico. I got this Achievement even before getting Mother Superior Blues. It's a hell of a lot easier than you'd think. Great solution, btw.
Posted by zr122 on 23 Dec 10 at 02:35
Shemp Howard Hey to the original poster let me tell you first this guide is great...However, can you make it even greater. See The Great Legend would love to see all 13 U.S. Towns and all 10 Mexico Towns. Could you like make a list like this:

1. Armadillo
2. Blackwater
3. etc.
4. etc.

That would make it easier cause I would know exactly where to go...I know they should show on the map but you said yourself that some you have to trigger to get them to show/save/etc.

Thanks man!
Posted by Shemp Howard on 03 Jan 11 at 23:24
ZeRoToXiKs Wait so just to be clear I need to ride through the towns that I've already saved before?
Posted by ZeRoToXiKs on 29 Jan 11 at 20:16
Shemp Howard Thanks for doing the suggestion heiwaboke. Great guide btw!
Posted by Shemp Howard on 18 Mar 11 at 17:13
AlonsoFive I was stuck on how to save torquemada for ages. Thanks!
Posted by AlonsoFive on 29 Apr 11 at 15:47
ClaytThaGreat How much game time do you have before the 1st town you saved is no longer safe anymore ... (how long is the window for clearing these 23 territories?)
Posted by ClaytThaGreat on 18 Jun 11 at 04:09
Onza I had no trouble fast travelling to save a town. I basically played the game as presented (saving whatever town was closest) and when a previously saved town came under attack I fast traveled back to save it. And speaking of saves, it took me several days to compete this, so obviously saves are involved. These did not present a problem to me either.
Posted by Onza on 31 Aug 12 at 20:31
Nerf Turbo I have saved Torquemada, but randomly the game tells me that Torquemada was lost. I read the achievement solution and it seems that I can still get the achievement if all survivors are dead in a town? I keep resetting my checkpoint, that's why I ask. Also, has anyone else had this or a similar problem with a town. Where a town gets "lost" with no warning?
Posted by Nerf Turbo on 12 Mar 14 at 15:28