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Sweet Justice

Beat the game.

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28 Oct 2010 20 May 2011
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I can't imagine someone having troubles beating the boss, but if you are I have a gold combination of Costumes and Battle Stamps.

Costume 1: Robot with the High Damage Counter-Attack stamp
Costume 2: Space Trooper with the High Damage on Critical Hits stamp
Costume 3: Statue of Liberty with the normal Counter-Attack stamp

The pro's of this setup is that 2 of your party members can counter-attack ( after a successful block ) which gives almost as much damage as a regular attack and the other one has a high chance of doing massive damage. When your Super Attack is loaded you use them all 3 in a row. The robot missiles do great damage and so does the space trooper's special attack. The statue of Liberty's special attack heals all party members. This is a gold combination, I defeated the boss with all 3 party members intact.

You could also use the Vampire or the Pumpkin head instead of the Robot or Space Trooper. As long as you select 2 costumes with high damage special attacks, and 1 costume with healing abilities. The unicorn also heals, but only 1 party member while the Statue of Liberty heals all 3.

Basically this is a High damage setup with healing capabilities.

good luck

Note: Great tip by Quarantane that The vampire is a good substitute for the Statue of Liberty since he does great damage and has healing abilities.
QuarantaneI would suggest vampire over Statue, seeing as his does decent damage AND heals all party members.
Posted by Quarantane on 06 Nov 10 at 20:10
DaShAgOk thanks, added your tip to the solution
Posted by DaShAg on 07 Nov 10 at 11:26
lord verhpumpkin for the bosses duhh
Posted by lord verh on 16 Aug 11 at 17:32
SweetPup1516318Don’t listen to quarantane. Use Statue of Liberty. Vampire does not heal.
Posted by SweetPup1516318 on 21 Oct at 08:19