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Highway to Hell

Complete the "Road to Ruin" deleted scene after choosing the guns blazing option

Highway to Hell0
Locked 01 Nov 2010 30 Apr 2011
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There's not much I can offer you in terms of "what you have to do to get this" because, it is clearly stated in the achievement description, however I can offer my advice and I'll link in a video guide too so that you can get a general feel for the level layout and such.

Firstly, this achievement isn't difficulty related, so if you want to nail it quickly go ahead and play on Casual, once you're in the game try and stick in cover and don't go all Rambo on them, even on Casual you have to remember this is a Third Person Shooter and if you keep running straight in you're gonna wind up getting yourself killed, if you're playing co-op teamwork trumps all, if there's a bigger enemy concentrate your fire, he'll drop in half the time.

Now for the videos, it starts off with a small intro interview with Cliff Bleszinski, if you want to skip that part the actual video guide starts at 1:00 on the first video!

*Credit to xDYLANxxBAMMx for the videos
FafhrddGreat solution!!! The way they should be written :)
Posted by Fafhrdd On 14 Nov 10 at 15:10
JayourHa! Thanks! smile
Posted by Jayour On 14 Nov 10 at 21:37
Fat ChoombaThis actually isn't an FPS ;) lol
Posted by Fat Choomba On 30 Apr 11 at 12:32
JayourHa, fixed!
Posted by Jayour On 30 Apr 11 at 12:37
Solario32Thanks for the videos.
Posted by Solario32 On 18 Sep 11 at 05:29
CurtiesonDo the videos no longer work or am I just having problems?
Posted by Curtieson On 17 Dec 22 at 02:36
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