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Bee Pleaser

Offer the bees inside of the Pollenator every type of flower.

Bee Pleaser0
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28 May 2009 14 Jun 2009
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Put 3 different types of flower into the "Pollinator", the flowers from the table in the cellar, then look at the window above the news paper shop to get the yellow flowers, and then play the word game the lady in the shop, after that you get the purple pansies.

Put them all into the "Pollinator" to get this achievement then go back to the shop and get some more purple pansies to use on the lady living next door to Wallace.

edit, you need to put the Giant Daisy's that you make in the garden with the miracle grow formula and the seeds off the lady next door into Pollinator as well.

hope this helps
Danny St1vvyTo make this solution more helpful, please add in the the location of the giant daisies.
Posted by Danny St1vvy on 13 Jun 09 at 20:48
RichtoonThe giant dasisies are in Wallace's garden
Posted by Richtoon on 24 Jun 09 at 17:38