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Complete all Quests in the game.

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06 Nov 2010 01 Apr 2011
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This is actually a very simple achievement. Most of the quests come from the story line, but you will have to keep an eye out for the side quests.

To find the quests that you still need to complete you will need to access the pause menu, and select the quest page, scroll down to read the quests you need to complete.
NOTE: Only quests you have unlocked will be listed here, you will have to find the quests before you can see them in this menu.

In each area the side quests are usually the same, you will have to find someone a card they are looking for, and find the 6 children who are hiding.

All you have to do to find these quests is find the people that want you to complete the quests. Find a kid that's hiding (they all are pretty easy to find) and it will start the hide and seek quest. The person looking for a card will be very easy to find because he will have a card over his head.

This achievement was very easy, I did it with no help from a guide on my first playthrough, so don't worry. Just make sure to fully explore all of the areas, and talk to anyone that looks like they may have something they need you to do.

The achievement will not unlock until you beat the game, seeing as one of the quests is tied into beating the final boss this makes sense.

Good luck :)

EDIT: If you miss a quest in a certain area you can get back through the sarcophagus designated for the area you need to get to. Thanks A Wise Ninja for the tip.
A Wise NinjaIs there any way you can go back to the last area if you missed a quest? or will I have to playthrough again?
Posted by A Wise Ninja on 30 Mar 11 at 08:04
Quarantanewhy all the negative votes?

wish someone would leave a comment so I could improve this if necassary
Posted by Quarantane on 23 Oct 11 at 22:41
xLil SheWolfxI cant find the last hide and seek child the the last area it is really bugging me i have looked everywhere lol
Posted by xLil SheWolfx on 10 Nov 11 at 13:22
AldangaIf you've already beaten the game and it doesn't pop after finishing all of the quests, just do the final boss battle again. It should pop once you beat him.
Posted by Aldanga on 29 Apr 12 at 22:48
Iggsy81Here are the actual quests:
Posted by Iggsy81 on 28 Oct at 06:43