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Stop the Clock!

Successfully complete any hack on the Leaderboards.

Stop the Clock!0
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07 Nov 2010 07 Nov 2010
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First off, you need to complete an initial run through of Ignition to access the leaderboard play, now leaderboard play is exactly the same as Ignition mode, it just uploads your time to the leaderboards afterwards.

For this achievement I suggest choosing Hardware Crack, it's one of the easier and quickest hacks you can do, to make things even easier pick the first Hardware Crack that's available, it should be from Route A, Act 1.1!

To help you even further I've linked in a video which shows you exactly what to do on the above mentioned Hardware Crack, if you don't feel like using that suggestion feel free to check the youtube channel for guides on all the Hardware Cracks.

* Credit to Trikkeden1e for the video