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Eaten by a Grue

Play Zork on the terminal.

Eaten by a Grue0
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09 Nov 2010 23 Nov 2010
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1) Go To main menu

2) keep pressing LT and RT and you will break out of the chair ( you will recive and acheivment)

3) Walk behind the chair where you are sitting

4) Press x to access the computer behind you

5) Type in ZORK then press the enter key(achievement unlocked)

Not: The following video below will tell you how to get all of the chair achievements thanks to Achievement Hunter
Pukey UK- 3)

Posted by Pukey UK on 10 Nov 10 at 01:25
I COODAthanks for the correction man!
Posted by I COODA on 10 Nov 10 at 01:35
CarSeg7Thanks for the solution, i just want to know how do you find the word to enter in the terminal
Posted by CarSeg7 on 13 Nov 10 at 02:02
RedOctoberXYou dont need to look at your hands.
Posted by RedOctoberX on 23 Nov 10 at 19:07