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Cold Warrior

Complete "Operation 40," "Vorkuta," and "Executive Order" on Veteran difficulty.

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11 Nov 2010 21 Dec 2010
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Operation 40 and Vorkuta are not that hard to do, just take it slow, use cover and let the AI players kill some of the enemies, they will constantly rush forward most of the time. Don't save and quit in middle of a mission, cause the achievement might not pop because of that. This happened to me.

In the end of Executive Order there will be a long part with no checkpoints, you need to get to a room on the right side of the corridor and the enemies will respawn continuously, save some smoke grenades for this part.

The enemies can't respawn when they are alive inside the smoke cloud, also they mostly won't shoot you. I recommend saving at least 2 smoke grenades for this corridor. Throw the other one after you have reached the room on the right, then you will see a small room on the opposite of this room (far left of the long corridor). Lob the other grenade there and rush to this room. You might hit a checkpoint and after that, it is easy to finish the mission. Note: in this room there is usually a couple enemies there, so be ready.

Watch this video by NextGenTactics for more help.
Capt EggcellentHe hit a checkpoint at 22:25 :D
Posted by Capt Eggcellent on 12 Nov 10 at 18:52
COOM3Ryeah use the AI this wud be great if they did anything but the AI on ur team is so useless u may as-well play lonewolf style they dont even do anything when they cover fire. the enemy just laugh leave them and come straight for u with 3 shots max and u r dead sometimes even one cus they will hit u in the head the enemy r like aim bots pop out then get shot ... vet is wank it wud be better if ur AI did something except watch..
Posted by COOM3R on 14 Nov 10 at 10:43
ResDogsMrPinkOne comment I'd like to add to the executive order video is save ur smoke nades. If u notice he burns all 4 at the elevator room and like he says he gets lucky in the final room. Throwing 1 smoke (or 2 max) in the elevator room works perfectly for moving up allowing u to use ur last 3 in the nightmare hallway to come. Also don't be afraid to use frags as u can usually pick up more off the dead bodies.
Posted by ResDogsMrPink on 14 Nov 10 at 15:56
misterman08yet again another proof to my point....people posting solutions when they themselves dont have the achievement....OCD anyone??
Posted by misterman08 on 14 Nov 10 at 17:40
ITALIANNINJA645i need help wit dis achievement i did all three of the missions on veteran but didnt get the achievement
Posted by ITALIANNINJA645 on 17 Nov 10 at 21:34
zhobanmisterman08: I hope you noticed that the person said that you should not Save and Quit otherwise the achievement might not pop because it happened to them. I would normally agree with you but this was blatantly put out there.
Posted by zhoban on 21 Nov 10 at 20:53
Hyp3rNova NLI saved and quit on Executive order because i could not take it anymore in the end. When i completed the mission i got the achievement.
Posted by Hyp3rNova NL on 24 Nov 10 at 22:30
ESX MilkinWhy do COD games have unlimited respawing enemies its so crap MW2 was could because when you killed them they actually stayed dead. Screw you Treyarch
Posted by ESX Milkin on 01 Dec 10 at 20:05
HaTe N LiEzzWTF they expect me to pass the whole game without saving! WTFF i passed this whole 6 first missions and i didnt get shit!
Posted by HaTe N LiEzz on 06 Dec 10 at 23:55
Solid Snake18The last part of Executive Order on Veteran makes me want to bite my fingers off. So frustrating! Up until that point, Black Ops' veteran was challenging but doable. Then I hit this wall. I'll have to try again later.
Posted by Solid Snake18 on 21 Dec 10 at 00:15
Kovy88Yes, I completed the campaign veteran, that was definitely the hardest part. I recommend having 2 smoke grenades for that. The enemies have less time to respawn when they'r inside the smoke cloud and can't shoot you. Then is the time to rush forward. When you get to this small room on left side of the long corridor, it may hit a checkpoint. But there is usually at least 2 enemies there, one with a shotgun at least.
Posted by Kovy88 on 21 Dec 10 at 08:44
Posted by Smurf McGurf on 31 Dec 10 at 06:05
PrattalmightyI wanted to kick small children during the tunnel sequence but if you save four smoke grenades and once about to enter the tunnel with the room to the right; clear out first four or five guys, throw a smoke, then another in front of that, and so on until you get to a yellow cart at the left turn in the tunnel just past the war room and locker room you'll get a save point and life, once again, is sweet.
Posted by Prattalmighty on 07 Jan 11 at 19:02
TheWelshSpongerWow, just did the 3 missions on veteran and no achievement poped up. Do i have to do them without saving and quiting so i get the achievement?
Posted by TheWelshSponger on 15 Jan 11 at 17:10
napoearthI just finished with save and exit and both achievements popped.
Posted by napoearth on 20 Jan 11 at 18:12
WotWaPoinMinatwow if i ever see those corridors again i will cry. this game stopped being fun after about the 50th attempt to get down those tunnels.
Posted by WotWaPoinMinat on 22 Jan 11 at 00:57
zeno2kmen... so: someone got the pop-up with saving and exit and others not...

otherone done there missions without saving and this fu**** achivement didn't popup...

damn: what I have to do? don't wanna waste again my time playing already done missions...

any suggestion?
Posted by zeno2k on 08 Feb 11 at 11:18
OXeeromfg ex order is the hardest mission ive ever played in whole gaming history.. fkin unbeatable
Posted by OXeer on 11 Feb 11 at 12:08
chalon9Nah, Heart of the Reich on CoD WaW was way worse
Posted by chalon9 on 18 Feb 11 at 23:35
Krinklesx3I can't get this stupid achievement I've played the first 3 missions like 3 times each on vet and still no achievement... I'm actually Pissed off... if someone can tell me how to get it it would be helpful
Posted by Krinklesx3 on 09 Mar 11 at 23:45
prokopi got to the second last level playing veteran and didnt get one cheevo... never noticed until the other day. i truly hate cod.
Posted by prokop on 09 Apr 11 at 23:49
JoeySJ95i did like the first 7 missions on veteran and still nothing?? i only s+q on the executive order mission cos that was almost impossible
Posted by JoeySJ95 on 15 Aug 11 at 13:08
Gonthorian III beat all 3 of the missions on veteran but i didnt get the achievement. WHY?
Posted by Gonthorian II on 02 Jan 12 at 17:34
Lil Miss Cherryspent the last 4 hours stuck down that bloody corridor, stuff it! -.-
Posted by Lil Miss Cherry on 10 Jan 12 at 00:42