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Shooting Range

Eliminate all enemies during the funicular lift sequence

Shooting Range0
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12 Nov 2010 12 Jan 2011
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This achievement is really, really easy. Toward the end of the last level you will need to progress by riding the funicular lift to the next area.

After you provide power to the lift, run back to the lift to hit the button to start the sequence, and the game will checkpoint here. On the left side, as you go up, there will be two outcroppings, the first with four guys and the second with up to five. Make sure you kill all the bad guys in each section (for a total of eight or nine), and after passing the second section the achievement will pop.

You may want to have a couple focus aims ready, because there is one bad guy who always runs for the door. You must get all eight for the achievement. Also make sure you take cover behind the crates after you hit the button. If you mess up, just restart the checkpoint.

Based on the comments below, I found a YouTube video and linked to help. Credit goes to TheGamedump for the video upload.

If you leave negative feedback, please let me know why so I can adjust the write-up. Thanks.
o Heres Jonny oI did this on 007 difficulty and there were actually 9 dudes. 4 on the first platform and 5 on the second.
Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 14 Nov 10 at 16:21
kael7Yeah, I meant to adjust this yesterday after I played it myself on 007 difficulty. I thought there was eight, but I may have miscounted. Solution adjusted accordingly.
Posted by kael7 on 14 Nov 10 at 18:30
COEY BO JANGLESwhat chapter is this, Burma 3.6?
Posted by COEY BO JANGLES on 11 Jan 11 at 01:34
Wise Cognizantwhat chapter is this?
Posted by Wise Cognizant on 12 Jan 11 at 01:52
WootsiedIt's on Burma 3.7
Posted by Wootsied on 01 May 11 at 16:14
Fob UpsetThen its not the last chapter then!
Posted by Fob Upset on 23 Oct 11 at 12:24
Posted by NICKYG2X3 on 21 Nov 12 at 14:41
AGGT002i must agree that chapter should be specified, Where and how to get the achievement are equally important
Posted by AGGT002 on 01 Aug 16 at 22:19