Kinect Sports Review by Fyndler

13 Nov 2010 14 Nov 2010
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Pickup the racket tie your shoes put on the helmet its time for Kinect Sport

Kinect sport is indeed a fun game with alot off options when it comes to gaming. The game fits most players since there is so many game modes to play, there is main games, mini games and even party games, to make everyone happy here are the games

The main games are:
*Track & Field
*Beach Volleyball
*Table Tennis

The mini games are:
*One Bowl Roll (try to hit so many pins you can before your tries are over)
*Pin Rush (throw so many bowl balls you want and try get so many pins you can before the time is up, you can even throw two balls at same time)
*Super Saver (be the goal keeper and try take so many balls you can)
*Target Kick (shoot the target before time is up)
*Discus (throw so far you can)
*Hurdles (run the fast you can, dont forget to jump)
*Javelin (try throw so far you can)
*Long Jump (try jump so far you can)
*Sprint (run the fastest you can)
*Paddle Panic ( can you hit the balls ? even if you have two tackets ?)
*Rally Tally (try hit the ball as many times you can)
*Body Ball (can you hit the ball with the right parts ?)
*Bump Bash (watch out they throwing stuff at you even bowling balls)

As you can see the mini games are alot fun, much to choose from and gives a great workout, you will for sure sleep well if you can manage to stop playing

The party game is just perfect if you having a nice weekend home with the familly or even if you having a party, split up people in teams and try beat the other team, your team will even get their own mascot to play as (can be changed if your not happy with the one you get)

I can recommend this game to everyone, its great workout its fun and its a game that everyone can play

I think the grapichs are okey, you can see your avatar and it changes the clothes for each game you play.

Controlls are pretty simple if you can see it you can kick it,smash it, hit it

The sound in the game is overall nice, its no annoying noises if you ask me

Pros: Easy to play, everyone can play it, if you see it you can hit it, many mini games and party game modes for family and friends, its easy to find someone to play with

Cons: Some achivments can be hard to achiv

I cant say more then that, i love the game myself and have a great time playing it with friends :)
dudecrazy108Its good you talk about the mini games but talk about the controls,graphics,sound,achievements,etc.

Then I would be happy to change my vote.
Posted by dudecrazy108 on 13 Nov 10 at 18:16
FyndlerThis was my first review so tryed to get as much as i could :) Appriciate your comment and have made a small update on the review :)
Posted by Fyndler on 14 Nov 10 at 03:57
TinyshadeI love this game probably as much as you do! But, i think the hard achievement is a good thing ( Just my opinion ), it really push yourself to try harder and keep going ( Nice motivation to exercise :) , nonetheless i gave you a positive vote for your review.

Sry english not my first language :P
Posted by Tinyshade on 15 Nov 10 at 10:15
FyndlerYeah that some achivments are hard to get is a must :) Cant be to easy hehe
Posted by Fyndler on 15 Nov 10 at 15:24
P4NDA CAKESonly thing i don't really like is the boxing its seems like it doesn't really do what you want.
Posted by P4NDA CAKES on 29 Dec 10 at 15:06