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Spend 50 hours on the pitch

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14 Nov 2010 14 Nov 2010
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I've just had this ping this morning, 50 hours doesn't seem that long but you'll have to play a lot of games to do it.

In order for it to ping, I've got basically every achievement bar the clubs long term ones, and 500 with my pro (I'm just over 200).

So 100+ ranked matches (12 minutes), plus all the grounds and different leagues, plus 2 and a half seasons in career mode. (8 minutes, as I play on shortest time allowed)

Based on the games I'd played I calculated that I was on about 48.5 hours, so injury/extra time is obviously counted as well.

Also, as said earlier all games must be played on your own console.
MattySnedzaccording to my raptr account, apparently ive played fifa 11 for 291 hours.....i realise that means i could have just turned my xbox on and left it on the menu for 291 hours but surely..if ive been playing the game properly for 291 why haven't i got the 50 hours on the pitch achievement???? i understand the whole ON THE PITCH part but why havent i got this achievement? im quite pissed off coz this is the second fifa 11 achievement i should have got but it simply hasnt unlocked :/
Posted by MattySnedz on 18 Jan 11 at 23:25
MaseJHey mate hope you can answer this one for me. You state "all games must be played on your own console". I got all my cheevs except 500 VP games and 50 club games done on my old console which died. I've transferred all my data to my new console. Do you know if my hours carry over as well or it restarts? Cheers
Posted by MaseJ on 05 Sep 12 at 21:46
SaltyTONI believe that it just has to be on the console that your account is active on, and the save file is on. I used my tag and HDD on two consoles and it counted both.
Posted by SaltyTON on 05 Sep 12 at 21:51