Kinect Sports Review by Vollmernator

15 Nov 2010 15 Nov 2010
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This is my first review on
so i'll do my best.

Kinect sports is a game with a mix of 6 sports. The sports are as follows
Soccer,Track & Field, Bowling,Table Tennis ,Beach Volleyball and Boxing.

Soccer- It's pretty fun you kick and head the ball by alternating the players you control.

Track & Field-Kinda think of the old school Track & field game but with kinect where you have to run,Very tiring event.

Bowling-This game doesn't work that well theres to much spin on the ball ,I find Wii sports did bowling better, But hey it's a start.

Table Tennis-You hold a paddle and hit it back and forth it controls quite well, You just got to keep track if you have to hit a forhand or backhand shot.

Beach Volleyball-Set,,Volley and Spike your way to a Victory,It's an exciting event. A Sweaty Session.

Boxing-One of my Faves in this game good for cardio,a good workout plus it's really fun.

along with these sports are mini game but i have yet to play them but it's 1-4 players for them. All the events you can play online either with a friend or against a random oppoent.
( I played online there is no lag at all-Which is good)

overall this game lived up to what I expected it to be like. I love it if you have Kinect for sure make this one of your must own Kinect Games
TinyshadeBowling works great, it just harder to master than wii sports, i have to admit that the controls at first seemed imprecise and inconstant but i can assure you that now that i've played a lot of bowling games, i understand fully how this game is meant to played. Plus if you look at your replay end game, you can see what move you did diffently and it help to ajust. Hells! I even beaten my wii sport bowling record!!!!
Posted by Tinyshade on 15 Nov 10 at 10:30
Tinyshadeoh yeah also i forgot to add this : It dosent mean that there is only one ultimate way to play ( Me and my wife play differently ) but it just that the camera is very sensitive to the position of you arm while you throw the balls, you just got to focus and learn to play constantly the same way.

Again, im sry english is not my first language...
Posted by Tinyshade on 15 Nov 10 at 10:42
Vollmernatori did better than my first try my dad did pretty good though on his first try
Posted by Vollmernator on 20 Nov 10 at 21:28