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Welcome to the Brotherhood

Train a recruit up to the Rank of Assassin.

Welcome to the Brotherhood0
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18 Nov 2010 28 Jan 2012
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For this you have to be able to Recruit Assassins, which starts in Sequence 4, and I suggest you atleast get 5 since its easier to complete contracts, and its one of the Guild Challengs (rank 5 to Assasins). Go to the Pigeon Coops or Assasins Tower to get a contract, and always pick the highest exp as you can, they need to get to rank 10, or 3500 exp so it might take awhile. You're able to send out multiple assassins on the same mission which will increase your success rate.
After that and it says you have to go to Tiber Hideout to attend the ceremony, if you dont know where it is, go to a tunnel entrance and go to the Hideout, then exit the Hideout through one of the doors, than reenter. You will have a cutscene and after that and a loading screen achievement will pop.
grundog82spot on I didn't know where to go so thumbs up from me
Posted by grundog82 on 30 Nov 10 at 23:30
Joon79Quick tip just to follow on from the OP, it tells you to go to the Tiber Island Hideout, which really means just go to Ezio's Hideout towards the South edge of the Rome Centro District.
Posted by Joon79 on 02 Dec 10 at 16:35
MAV3R1KIf you use the tunnels make sure you go outside and then enter again otherwise you will never get the cut scene.
Posted by MAV3R1K on 12 Jan 11 at 07:14
zeno2kBut how you can improve your assassins' abilities?
Just from rank 2, you can do something... but I wont be able to...

please: help
Posted by zeno2k on 07 Mar 11 at 13:17
mast3r 0r0m1sIm not sure what you mean, but if you want to improve their abilities they have to rank up which the only ways to do that are sending them on contracts, or calling them in to attack guards (which isnt the fastest way out there)
Posted by mast3r 0r0m1s on 07 Mar 11 at 13:22
zeno2kI'm not sure too... but tnx.
Yesterday sending my assassins through a guard I noticied a message that "name surname" had reached level... and a suggestion to improve the abilities...
Posted by zeno2k on 07 Mar 11 at 13:47
mast3r 0r0m1sOh that, you have to go to a pigeon coop and instead of contracts look through assasins and you should see that certain assasins need to be leveled up and stuff. I always did the auto thing at the coops so I could get them back out on the field faster.
Posted by mast3r 0r0m1s on 07 Mar 11 at 14:02
zeno2kYeah! that's it!
thanks a lot!
Posted by zeno2k on 08 Mar 11 at 13:30
Epsilon ThetaYou can send multiple assassins on the same mission increasing the chance it will succeed. You are able to reach 100% this way in most missions depending on the level of your assassins.
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 16 Apr 11 at 07:49
NumptyDrizztcheers a good guide, I did all the gardening this afternoon and every 15 minutes or so came in to send my assassins on their missions and got 2 to finish and 4 to lvl 9.
Posted by NumptyDrizzt on 23 Apr 11 at 17:18
mast3r 0r0m1sGrats, good day to do gardening and boost achievements at the same time
Posted by mast3r 0r0m1s on 23 Apr 11 at 19:51
Recon1O1Thanks to OP and ETheta for solving my problem.
Posted by Recon1O1 on 29 Jun 11 at 17:28