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Get every single bonus at least once (Multiplayer Only).

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19 Nov 2010 01 May 2017
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To all negative voters, Please PM so I can make the needed changes, Thank you.

-All bonuses EXCEPT for the end game bonuses can be achieved in a private game mode.

-You must be at least a level 29 to obtain the poison bonuses

-Require 4-6 players for some.

All the bonuses are as followed:
Discreet - Kill in Discreet Status(get into High Profile mode just before assassinating your target)

Silent - Kill in Silent status (stay out of High Profile mode just before assassinating your target)

Incognito - Kill when always remaining Silent ( do not ever use High Profile mode)

Acrobatic - Kill from an acrobatic position (climbing, hanging, airborne)

Drop Kill - Kill a target by grabbing them from a ledge
* Be hanging from a ledge and pull you victim over

Focus - Kill after waiting 3 seconds in kill range (until a while bar fully encircles the Assassins icon above your targets head)

Hidden - Kill while in a hiding spot
*Blend in crowd or jump in a hay bail and kill your target once there close

Revenge - Kill an agent that killed you
* in certain game types once your you are killed you can then target the same individual that killed you...go and do so

Grounded - Kill a target while there on the ground
*Has been stunned and laying on the ground

First Blood - First kill in the session

Poacher - Kill your target with another pursuer on the way, less then 10 meters away

Mid-Air - Shoot your target with the hidden gun while they are in the air

Poison - Kill your target with the poison ability

Intercepted - Another Templar kills your poisoned target before the poison has its effect

Savior - Kill a target that is less then 10 meters from there target

Aerial - Kill * I know the bonus pops up but there is no description in the menu or the strategy guide. So unsure if this is needed. For this I believe you can just be standing on a roof looking down at your enemy and just press (X)

Escape - Escape a pursuer Chasing you

Double Escape - Escape two pursuers Chasing you

Triple Escape - Escape three pursuers chasing you

Close Call - Escape a chasing pursuer who is less then 10 meters away from you

Chain - Perform an Escape and kill a target in under 10 seconds

Lure - Have your pursuer kill an innocent or a Decoy with the same skin as you while next to you (with a full compass)

Stun - Stun a pursuer

Variety - 5 different Bonuses performed

Greater Variety - 10 different Bonuses performed
*This needs to be done all in one round

Extreme Variety - 15 different Bonuses performed
*This needs to be done all in one round

Co-Op Kill - Kill a target Locked on by a teammate

Co-Op Stun - Stun a pursuer Locked on by a teammate

Multi-Kill - Have your team kill 2 targets in a row in less then10 seconds

Rescue - Stun the pursuer of a teammate

Diversion - Kill a target Chased by your team mate and not by you

Knocked Out - Have your team Stun 2 Pursuers in a row in less than 10 seconds

Good Start - Be in the team that finishes first in the first round

Team Win - Be in the team that wins the session

Podium - Finish First, second, or third in a match

Average Kills - Have the best kill/death ratio in a match

Survivor - Be the player with the fewest deaths in a match

Untouchable - Do not be killed a single time in a match
*Must obtain at least 1 kill
ZavisticCan you do this in a private match?
Posted by Zavistic on 20 Nov 10 at 01:53
CTDMUDRUNNERNot sure yet. I dont have many friends to even try it with. The achievement dose not say ranked but also I'm not sure how private match works
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 20 Nov 10 at 02:02
Red OcTAUberYes all multiplayer achievements can be won in private matches as well as in the introductory session.
Posted by Red OcTAUber on 20 Nov 10 at 04:03
Posted by Zavistic on 20 Nov 10 at 08:12
Seven Clipis there some kind of stat tracker that shows you which bonuses you have or haven't earned yet?
Posted by Seven Clip on 20 Nov 10 at 10:14
CTDMUDRUNNERI have been looking thru the menu and havnt been able to find one yet. Still looking and researching
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 20 Nov 10 at 13:37
CAPP360You will manually need to keep track. There is no tracker in the game.
Posted by CAPP360 on 20 Nov 10 at 23:27
CTDMUDRUNNERI like the negative feedback when there is no reason for it. When will ppl need to comment with negative feedback TA?
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 21 Nov 10 at 07:54
Gizmo2kDidn't know you could private match these, that'll help :)
Posted by Gizmo2k on 21 Nov 10 at 10:23
ArrowmasterI don't think you can get the End Bonus ones in a private match.
Posted by Arrowmaster on 21 Nov 10 at 15:58
CTDMUDRUNNERYea. we where just talking about that i'll edit a few things now
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 21 Nov 10 at 23:29
Slithewhat is the minimum number that you can have in a private match? and a ranked match?
Posted by Slithe on 22 Nov 10 at 14:50
slipknot974For the drop kill:
All I got from that is Aerial Kill and Acrobatic.
what's the problem ?
Posted by slipknot974 on 24 Nov 10 at 11:14
CTDMUDRUNNERYou need to pull them over a ledge. Splinter cell style baby!!
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 24 Nov 10 at 12:53
InSaNiaC Jim looking to boos add my name to ur friends list and invite me whenever u want
Posted by InSaNiaC J on 24 Nov 10 at 21:45
XxFatJesusxXya im looking to boost to add me on XBL ...and thanks for the list easy way to keep track
Posted by XxFatJesusxX on 27 Nov 10 at 23:47
NuffinButSteeleyou dont seem to have airial kill in there
Posted by NuffinButSteele on 28 Nov 10 at 01:08
CTDMUDRUNNERwhy you are correct. thanks i'll add that. i just checked the strategy guide and it wasn't in there. so must be why i missed it. Thanks again.

EDIT: Well i also checked the The Bonus Description menu in the multiplayer menu and it dose not list it there either. Can anyone confirm that if its needed or not?
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 28 Nov 10 at 02:10
Cyber Monksi can confirm that you DO need to do an airal kill for the achivment it was the last one i did and achivement poped
Posted by Cyber Monks on 28 Nov 10 at 03:06
CTDMUDRUNNERAre you sure it was last? Cause long with Aerial Kill others pop up as well
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 28 Nov 10 at 04:50
NuffinButSteele2 b honest if you play online your bound 2 get this at some point
Posted by NuffinButSteele on 28 Nov 10 at 21:42
CTDMUDRUNNERAs far as aerial kill goes yes. Only one I needed to really boost was extreme variety. The rest are quite easy to achieve just playing.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 28 Nov 10 at 23:07
InSaNiaC Jdoes Extreme Variety need to be all in one match?
Posted by InSaNiaC J on 29 Nov 10 at 22:15
XxFatJesusxXya extreme variety is going to be the only real challenge
Posted by XxFatJesusxX on 30 Nov 10 at 00:13
CTDMUDRUNNERExtreme variety must be done all in one match. If your doing manhunt it carries over from one round to the next I beleieve. But must be completed in the one match.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 30 Nov 10 at 01:08
InSaNiaC Janyone wanna boost for extreme variety only? i def need that one
Posted by InSaNiaC J on 30 Nov 10 at 03:46
IlysiumJust tried doing extreme variety in does not carry over from round to round which means if you are in a private match you can only get this bonus in wanted or alliance with enough people I presume.
Posted by Ilysium on 03 Dec 10 at 23:50
CTDMUDRUNNERi wasn't sure with the cause i know variety and your co-op stuff carries over
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 04 Dec 10 at 00:56
SuperTigerWoodsI gave your solution a thumbs up but I wanted to clear up some of the wording. Intercepted is listed as "Another Templar kills your poisoned target before the poison has its effect" whereas yours sounds like you are killing someone else's poisoned victim, which is NOT the case. You poison, they kill. NOT the other way around...
Posted by SuperTigerWoods on 04 Dec 10 at 05:00
CTDMUDRUNNERYea u have noticed that. It was the way the strategy guide had worded it. Thanks, edit soon
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 04 Dec 10 at 05:25
DragonFangDanSo can the "End Bonuses" be gotten in private or not?
Posted by DragonFangDan on 04 Dec 10 at 07:10
DragonFangDanSo can the "End Bonuses" be gotten in private or not?
Posted by DragonFangDan on 04 Dec 10 at 07:21
CTDMUDRUNNERThe end bonus screen in unavailable at the end of a private game. So do a player match for your end bonuses
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 04 Dec 10 at 10:58
swen doesborgthnq for this guide, it was very helpful;)
Posted by swen doesborg on 25 Dec 10 at 17:35
colostome boythanks for the guide, hopefully i can start getting some of these, it's a pain that there is no way to track these though.
Posted by colostome boy on 26 Dec 10 at 16:48
CTDMUDRUNNERbest to do is copy/paste to word and either print them out and check them off or just erase them from word
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 26 Dec 10 at 17:41
steelwormim in the middle of this achievement as well as the coop challenges, if anyone is interested in helping message me over Xbox live
Posted by steelworm on 28 Dec 10 at 11:19
rG Mechynickcan you get the bonus's anytime or do they all need to be in one game?
Posted by rG Mechynick on 30 Dec 10 at 11:14
CTDMUDRUNNERIt would be about impossible to get them all in one game. You just need to obtain each one at some point in playing.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 30 Dec 10 at 11:57
steelwormthe one that will give you trouble is extreme variety where you need to get 16 bonuses in one match
Posted by steelworm on 30 Dec 10 at 17:11
ll Lone Wolf lIWait on the guide below it says the coop bonuses cannot be achieved in private is that true are they the same as the end bonuses.
Posted by ll Lone Wolf lI on 31 Dec 10 at 01:44
steelwormyeah thts true end bonuses can't be achieved but i've heard different about coop bonuses
Posted by steelworm on 31 Dec 10 at 11:36
xG4M3R4LYF3x*insert criticism here*
Posted by xG4M3R4LYF3x on 01 Jan 11 at 00:56
CTDMUDRUNNERi dont see why co-op bonuses cant be achieved.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 01 Jan 11 at 01:00
MeltokoDo you have to get these all in one online match?
Posted by Meltoko on 15 Jan 11 at 00:09
bmlx5867after browsing through the challenges menu in the game i realized that that is a way to check what you have for most of these bonuses, but not all.
Posted by bmlx5867 on 17 Jan 11 at 19:54
Brad T 94co-op bonuses can be achieved in private, me and 3 friends all got Role Model earlier, as well as a few other cheevos in private.
Posted by Brad T 94 on 18 Jan 11 at 08:20
TheHuggyBear89Which mode is best to get the revenge bonus??
Posted by TheHuggyBear89 on 25 Jan 11 at 00:57
CTDMUDRUNNERfor revenge i recommend wanted. idk what other game types you could get it in.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 25 Jan 11 at 04:10
TopClassNeekDoes anyone know how to get the grounded bonus?
Posted by TopClassNeek on 25 Jan 11 at 11:10
SmokingBmbr465Grounded--kill someone who has just been stunned (and therefore is on the ground).
Posted by SmokingBmbr465 on 02 Feb 11 at 22:08
Naughty Dieddo the co-op bonuses count towards extreme variety? that's the only one I need, but it seems very hard to me to do it without them (or at least easy with 3-4 of them bonuses)...
Posted by Naughty Died on 21 Feb 11 at 16:44
CTDMUDRUNNERI believe it would count towards extreme variety. I did mint without co-op though and had no problem at all.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 21 Feb 11 at 17:14
CTDMUDRUNNERI believe it can't be done on private. I've done them in legit games an the tricway dud was to just stay on the outside of the map on the roofs. I could always see my enemy coming and had a route I would run to avoid them doing a big circle and then returning back to the same roof top. They give up and I just hangout till the next guy showed up.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 21 Feb 11 at 21:34
SneakyPenguinswhat game mode is best for untouchable?
Posted by SneakyPenguins on 22 Feb 11 at 16:11
CTDMUDRUNNERI believe I did mine in wanted. If you work with a team you might even get them to help protect you. I havnt played any of the new game types though. So idk how good they would be. I hope this weekend to have time to play the game
More and fine tune the guide. Any suggestions please PM me.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 22 Feb 11 at 16:14
Naughty Diedif you're lucky, you enter a match of manhunt where the first round is almost over, just pick team 2, make a kill, et voila.... but that's quite cheap :P
Posted by Naughty Died on 22 Feb 11 at 16:23
SneakyPenguinswhat game mode is best for untouchable?
Posted by SneakyPenguins on 22 Feb 11 at 16:59
Crosby v2OMG, I should have got the achievement but it didn't pop for me :(. If I see a bonus on my screen, no matter on which mode, shouldn't I get it then? I did the Extreme Variety and the triple escape tody, those should have been the last one for me. Is it correct, that if I've got the achievement for getting all Team-Bonuses in one game, I "unlocked" these bonuses? Do I need to win all the END BONUSES in one match, because I can check my challenges and it says I got them all.
Does someone has the same problem?
Posted by Crosby v2 on 25 Feb 11 at 08:17
CTDMUDRUNNERyou must have accidentally checked on off that you didn't actually obtain. You dont need to get all end bonuses in one game, i did all my team bonuses in one match. You may just be missing something simple and looked past it
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 25 Feb 11 at 13:54
Crosby v2yeah i missed the poacher bonus. finally got it, thanks for the help :)
Posted by Crosby v2 on 25 Feb 11 at 14:23
TheHuggyBear89Anyone be able to share how to do the revenge bonus or which game mode it can be done in only need that and extreme variety bonuses.
Posted by TheHuggyBear89 on 28 Feb 11 at 21:54
A1337HaxorI voted negative -- fix the grammar errors.
Posted by A1337Haxor on 15 Mar 11 at 17:57
CTDMUDRUNNER@Haxor- Y don't you point them out so I can. 0_o and If ya didn't notice most are word for word what the guide says right on your bonus list. So better contact Ubi on that one.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 15 Mar 11 at 18:11
Posted by Holy Murderer5 on 22 Mar 11 at 16:04
ErichRunnerI just got the achievement and NEVER got the end bonus for untouchable. I'm not sure you actually need the end bonuses for this achievement. I did get all of the end game bonuses except for untouchable, though, so I have no idea if it's true for all or just untouchable. Did anyone else have this happen? I still voted positive though :)
Posted by ErichRunner on 30 Mar 11 at 03:15
CTDMUDRUNNERIt's hard to keep track of seeing what you actually have or not. You may have gotten untouchable at one time and never noticed.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 30 Mar 11 at 12:04
ErichRunnerI have 0/1 for it in the session bonus screen, so I honestly don't know...
Posted by ErichRunner on 30 Mar 11 at 15:48
CTDMUDRUNNERI knew some people that all they where missing was untouchable. So not sure.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 30 Mar 11 at 16:06
ErichRunnerWho knows, I might have gotten it in a public match (which counts, I think) so that it didn't give me the bonus technically, but I still got it? That would probably be the most reasonable answer.
Posted by ErichRunner on 30 Mar 11 at 23:17
CTDMUDRUNNERdid you check you challenges? there isone in there for Untouchable
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 31 Mar 11 at 00:38
ErichRunnerYes, that's what I'm saying is at 0/1.
Posted by ErichRunner on 01 Apr 11 at 01:12
Zombie4EvilDeadCan anyone give more info or tips for poacher? I'm not having any luck getting it.
Posted by Zombie4EvilDead on 18 Apr 11 at 23:53
CTDMUDRUNNERI believe you another person actually have the same person select as you target. Then you kill the target before the other guy does. Not positive though. Ill look into it and ad and better description.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 19 Apr 11 at 13:54
NuffinButSteelekill smomeone elses target whilest they're within 10m of him.
Posted by NuffinButSteele on 26 Apr 11 at 01:24
Devil May AsianCan Untouchable be obtained during a player match? I found a match and sided with the team being hunted with 2:30 something left on the clock. I managed to not get killed and when I was hunting, I grabbed several kills. Untouchable did not show up. Maybe it's because I showed up in mid-session or I can't it during a player match? =/
Posted by Devil May Asian on 06 May 11 at 05:19

Lol. Calm down, its only an achievement guide.
Posted by Mike Langlois on 18 May 11 at 20:07
MaDJoKeR96how can u tell which bonues you done alrdy cuz i didnt write the ones i gotten down or anything and im lsot as hell
Posted by MaDJoKeR96 on 11 Jun 11 at 18:17
Wembley66I unlocked this achievement literally earlier today and I never earnt the untouchable bonus so that one can't be required. Whether or not that applies to all end bonuses I can't confirm because I had all the others.
Posted by Wembley66 on 13 Jun 11 at 15:13
wayward cloudI'm pretty sure untouchable is the only one i need. Yesterday i payed in a wanted session and stood in a crowd of blended people for the full ten minutes and smoke bombed anyone who looked as though they were coming at me. Most of the time you will have no pursuers because you are at the bottom of the scoreboard and not considered by the game to be a target.

I was feeling pretty pleased with my self, however when the match ended i didn't get the untouchable bonus!!! Is there something i don't know about this? Do you have to get a kill at some point as well (though i'm pretty sure it doesn't specify)?

Also i'm really struggling with getting the co-op bonuses in one session as i only know one other person with this game. Anyone out there also looking for it and up for giving me a hand?
Posted by wayward cloud on 07 Sep 11 at 12:16
ParagonOfPurityThanks for the list it's great, wayward cloud you need 1 kill for untouchable.... now just needing to work on those co-op ones!
Posted by ParagonOfPurity on 12 Oct 11 at 22:29
SaxonaxeI need 2 more people to get this one and Role Model in a private match. Any takers?
Posted by Saxonaxe on 04 Dec 11 at 21:26
WheelieHamsterYou can get the extreme variety on both rounds of alliance as I found out tonite, be in team one first and get all the attacking ones including the co-op attacking, then on the second round go for the lure, escapes x1 x2 x3, close call and stun etc a lot easier I found this way ,.
Posted by WheelieHamster on 14 May 12 at 22:57
CTDMUDRUNNEReach bonus is based off per match
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 08 Jun 12 at 16:43
MMMDIGreater Variety - 10 different Bonuses performed
*This needs to be done all in one round
Extreme Variety - 15 different Bonuses performed
*This needs to be done all in one round
They need to be done in one MATCH, not round.
Posted by MMMDI on 11 Jun 12 at 21:29
NickHawkeyeis there a place in the menus where you can check what you have or not?
Posted by NickHawkeye on 30 Aug 12 at 12:10
Setthleri am looking for ppl to boos extreme variety with ! GT : Setthler
Posted by Setthler on 03 Sep 12 at 16:47
Selkirk16@NickHawkeye: Unfortunately you can't check what you've done, so you'll have to keep your own list.

This achievement seemed to glitch for me. It didn’t unlock after I’d completed all the bonuses, but only popped up midway through a ranked session of manhunt when I poisoned my target in low profile. (I’ve gotten “Poison” and “Incognito” plenty of times before.) Anyway, glad to get this finally!
Posted by Selkirk16 on 04 Sep 12 at 04:44
Real Riggs 09Damn this ain't gone be no walk in the park, that's 4 sure.
Posted by Real Riggs 09 on 14 Sep 12 at 20:45
xqrst2great guide, even if some douche has a problem with grammer.
Posted by xqrst2 on 02 Oct 12 at 02:52
Viscious TankDo you have to do all these in a single game or does it count towards every game you play?
Posted by Viscious Tank on 26 Dec 12 at 22:12
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 26 Dec 12 at 22:49
MattiasAnderson"I voted negative -- fix the grammar errors" LOL

What type of person negative vote for this reason? That means I cant set up a solution for games as my grammatics is not the best in english. I could set them up in swedish thou but that would not help people out. This is why i dont set up solutions even if i could set up many good ones that i see no one have set up.
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 22 Feb 13 at 16:01
Dani SlayesEnd Bonuses can be done in Player Match, easier in Alliance with 6 players than Manhunt with 8 players, and for Extreme Variety, this does NOT have to be done all in one round, this can be done in two rounds, as long as it's in the same match. I have popped my achievement and have only done Extreme Variety in both rounds, still works. Just pointing that out to make it a lot easier!
Posted by Dani Slayes on 14 Oct 13 at 02:11
deafsekkuieekI need a help for this serious boost and we need to boost for get this achy.

message me on XBL and we can play it again.
Posted by deafsekkuieek on 22 Apr 14 at 09:39
stoner sullyHelp gamers im lvl 24 and need the last 2 achievements anyone play this anymore
Posted by stoner sully on 28 Jun 14 at 14:39
Cpt Lan NLDanymore people left that want to get this achievement en get to lvl 50 pm me or sent a friend invite.
Posted by Cpt Lan NLD on 08 Jul 14 at 12:17
Le Gonk 80I could do with help on this one too.... MY last achievement for this gamecry.
PM me Le Gonk 80 & add
Posted by Le Gonk 80 on 09 Aug 14 at 16:34
KanchanaburiWe good list. Thank you! And people shouldn't be looking for sessions on a solution. Morons.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 12 Sep 14 at 23:36
SIMON709This does not say how to get the achievement, this just lists the bonuses. The bonuses can easily be found in the multiplayer menu.
Posted by SIMON709 on 11 Oct 14 at 17:08
Brugesboy90Someone want boost all the mp achievements? Brugesboy90
Posted by Brugesboy90 on 16 Dec 14 at 09:00
SLAY3R2014Anyone still needing boost this add me SLAY3R2014
Posted by SLAY3R2014 on 03 Jan 15 at 14:06
Cammy the DuckWhy does everybody want to boost??? It takes the fun out of the game and just makes it boring. Some people who are really good at multiplayer don't get this achievement because of one bonus, but level ones get it just by boosting. It's not fair imo
Posted by Cammy the Duck on 01 Jun 15 at 21:45
WickedWitchWestWhen you are tired of trying this achievement you don't mind to do it boring. You want to get it as soon as possible and get 100%.
Posted by WickedWitchWest on 03 Jul 15 at 20:38
WickedWitchWestBy the way, thank you very much for the bonus list.
Posted by WickedWitchWest on 03 Jul 15 at 20:40
DEPCoiffureThanks for the list! Got the achievement way back but I needed to thank you!
Posted by DEPCoiffure on 13 Nov 15 at 17:46
SonicSamBRLooking to boost multi achievements. Message me if interested
Posted by SonicSamBR on 22 Nov 15 at 01:51
iamBenjI'm looking to boost this and 'Download Complete', message me on Xbox Live if you're interested! iamBenj
Posted by iamBenj on 11 Dec 15 at 10:27
Welsh AftermathIf anyone is interested in Booting this then message me, would appreciate the help
GT: Welsh Aftermath
Posted by Welsh Aftermath on 23 Jan 16 at 15:36
Bonus EruptusDo double and triple escape stack? Just got the achievement for one or the other in a TA session. Think I had three on me but didn't see which bonus I got, let alone if it was both.
Posted by Bonus Eruptus on 14 Mar 16 at 04:38
Le Gonk 80Anyone for boosting this? Gt: Le Gonk 80
Posted by Le Gonk 80 on 03 Apr 16 at 17:10
RocketAssassin3Looking to boost this and 'download complete' currently a level 38 and needing a few more bonuses. Hit me up if your keen
Posted by RocketAssassin3 on 21 May 16 at 08:19
DarkWingSpartanI'm sure no one will see this, but if you're going for the end bonuses (assuming they're required), it's worth knowing that only one person can get Survivor per game and everyone needs at least one death.
Posted by DarkWingSpartan on 29 Dec 16 at 22:13
Jump JokerFor clarity on Survivor...My boosting group had trouble with this. The trick is everyone including the player has to die at least once. Then everyone else not getting the achievement must die at least one more time. You can't tie and you cannot have zero deaths or else you get awarded Untouchable instead.
Posted by Jump Joker on 09 Jun 18 at 21:18
ElusiveEagleI can also confirm that the end bonuses are not required. This saves time!

For mid-air, make sure you have targeted and aimed (LB or RB) fully before they jump. Then just release the button to kill them as soon as they jump.
Posted by ElusiveEagle on 08 Mar 20 at 22:17
iTz Canada EhhNot sure if end bonuses are required, but you end up getting most of them stun boosting anyways.

If you only stun boost / boost for this achievement, you may miss out on an easy one: Discreet. If you're boosting for this achievement, odds are you'll be silent or incognito most of the time. While I was going for Extreme Variety, I didn't recall if this came up or not, but since it seems so easy I had assumed I got it. Once I unlocked poison and did the two bonuses related to that, the achievement didn't pop. Freaked out a bit, but since Discreet was the only bonus I didn't remember explicitly getting, I tried for it and it popped right away. So if you think you've done everything and don't get it, try actively going for Discreet.
Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 21 Apr 20 at 04:00
Ultimate Lemon6If anyone is looking to get this achievement, give me a message, we can try get a team going and we can do any brotherhood achievements that anyone needs as I have 3 myself left. I’m on xbox, just send me a message at any time GT: Ultimate Lemon6
Posted by Ultimate Lemon6 on 23 Apr 20 at 23:00
GRANDVORONПривет, мне осталось сделать экстремальное убийство. Давайте попробуем вместе. Нужно 3 человека
Posted by GRANDVORON on 25 Apr 20 at 22:39
zeldafanjtlIf anybody's having trouble with Poacher, note that you can only get it in Wanted (at least if you're not playing with DLC).

Either Poacher or Revenge was the last bonus I was missing. I had marked everything on my checklist, but I think for Poacher I just thought I had earned it, when in reality I probably did the criteria in the wrong mode and didn't actually get it.
Posted by zeldafanjtl on 01 May 20 at 02:07
Jacob WilletteStill need this and a few other multiplayer achievements, hit me up, my GT is Jacob Willette
Posted by Jacob Willette on 14 Sep 20 at 17:54