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Open Cat Champion

Be a cat on the winning team in a Cat and Mouse Open Event

Open Cat Champion0
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The GerbilThe Gerbil206,439
20 Nov 2010
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For this achievement you need at least 4 people. I haven't confirmed this, but you may be able to use guests.

Have one person create a party in PGR 4 and invite everyone. From there create a custom game in the mode Cat and Mouse Open (you can make the lobby private in the Advanced Options screen).

In the pregame lobby, you have to make two teams of at least 2 people each. Both teams will have at least one Cat and one Mouse on their side. Cat Cars are selected by choosing a car from the faster car class, and Mouse Cars are selected by choosing the slower one (default Cat Class is A and default Mouse Class is G).

Now you just have to be on the winning team while being a Cat Car. Points are scored by the Cat Car ramming the opposing team's Mouse Car, and the Mouse Car earns points by earning Kudos.

Remember, each team (Red and Blue) has a Cat and a Mouse on their side. It won't let you start the game unless each team has a car from both of the car classes.
EldritchSSI can confirm that guests can be used. My friend and I had one guest each and were able to get the achievement.
Posted by EldritchSS on 01 Dec 10 at 07:53