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500.000 Points

Score 500,000 points! (Score Attack 5 mins)

500.000 Points0
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20 Nov 2010 22 Nov 2010
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You can play this starting at beginner or expert. The trick is to make the ghosts follow you until you have eaten enough fruit to generate the maze with the power pill and then plough into each ghost racking up 3200 score for each.

I suggest saving the power pill at the start of the game (above pacman) until you have about 15-20 seconds on the clock and hopefully a large number of ghosts following you.

This is a relatively easy achievement.

Also check the direction of the ghosts eyes before using a pac-bomb. If you can avoid using one, it will maintain the pill points at upto 100 each dot. If you use a bomb it will half the points available for each dot until you build it up again.

Good Luck!