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Disclosure: this guide was written shortly after I unlocked Solo Champion following the incomplete GRAW leaderboard reset that happened on 11-November, 2010. Since writing this solution I have unlocked Team Champion and provided a nearly identical guide for that achievement.

To earn this achievement you must rise to #1 on the Solo leaderboard. Expect this to take a very, very long time--most likely in excess of 100 hours. You will need 2 Gold accounts (your primary plus a boost account) or a patient boosting partner to get this achievement. You will also need to understand how the leaderboards work so you can avoid mistakes that slow or stop your progress. Below I will explain how the leaderboards work and outline a basic strategy to earn this achievement using a boost account. I will also offer suggestions for how to improve upon the basic strategy and answer a few questions that I had while going for this achievement.

Basic Strategy Summarized
GRAW offers two categories of multiplayer games--Team and Solo. To rise to Solo #1 you need to win enough Ranked matches in any combination of Solo game types to pass the current #1 on the leaderboard. You can play any Solo game type, including custom types that you create. It does not seem to matter how many different types of Solo games you play because your leaderboard position appears to be based on a combined total of overall "points" in all Solo types (I explain my "points" theory below in the section titled How the Team / Solo Leaderboards Work).

Unfortunately, rising up the leaderboard is not as simple as just playing Solo games without ever losing. You will need to alternate between streaks of winning Solo games and losing Team games to continue making progress. This is required because of the rank system in the leaderboards, which I will describe in greater detail in the section titled The Importance of De-Ranking. For now, just accept the following gameplan as the basic strategy for getting your achievement:

1. Continue winning Ranked matches in any Solo game type until you outrank your opponent by 4 numbers.
2. Switch to a Team game type and lose matches to your boost account until it outranks you by 4 numbers.
3. Switch back to a Solo game type and resume at step #1, repeating until you reach the top of the leaderboard and unlock your achievement!

Note: the process of ranking up against an opponent 4 levels higher than you until you are 4 levels higher, then deranking again until you are 4 levels lower is called a cycle. Cycles are a convenient measure to approximate the amount of effort required to rise to the top of the leaderboard. It takes approximately 6 hours to complete a single cycle of ranking up and down 4 levels using two accounts and playing optimal games.

Note: If you finish games too quickly they may not count. See the section titled Playing Optimal Games for tips on how to run matches so that your progress is as efficient as possible.

Tip: Play with a friend to help each other out
If you're fortunate enough to know someone else who needs the Team achievement and is commited enough to stick it out to the end, you can both work toward your achievements at the same time. The Team leaderboard works exactly like the Solo leaderboard, only in reverse. While you de-rank in Team games, your friend will be ranking up and moving up on the Team leaderboard. Then, when you rank up in Solo, you will be helping your friend to de-rank.

How the Team / Solo Leaderboards Work
Unfortunately, it is not clear exactly how the leaderboards work, because very little information is actually available on the leaderboard. All you can see is your position (you are trying to reach position #1) and level, which is your rank. Most of what is known about the leaderboards is guesswork based on observations.

Fortunately, because I played GRAW just after the leaderboard reset, I was able to observe a lot of interesting things that gave me insight into how the boards work. For example, I observed that while winning against opponents ranked higher than me I would often rise quickly up the leaderboards, but while winning against lower-ranked opponents I would sometimes be passed by others. I also counted the number of games it took each time my rank or my opponent's changed over the course of a complete cycle and found something very interesting: the number of games it takes to rank up once then derank back to the same state appears to be roughly constant and close to 40. For instance, it only takes about 10 games to rank from a 12 vs a 16 to a 13 vs a 15, but it takes about 30 games to derank from 13v15 back to 12v16.

Based on my observations, my theory is that the Solo and Team leaderboards are based on an underlying points system. I think the number of points from one rank to the next may be roughly constant, but the number of points you earn for any given game depends on the level (and number) of your opponents. It makes sense that you would earn more points for defeating players ranked much higher than you, and also that you would earn fewer points for defeating opponents ranked lower than you. This points-system theory is consistent with my observation that I seemed to move up the leaderboard quickly at first while playing fewer games against a higher-ranked opponent, then more slowly while playing more games against lower-ranked opponents.

There is an important limit in the ranking system: games vs. an opponent whose rank differs from your by more than 4 will not count!. For example, a 12 beating a 16 will count and will earn a lot of points. However, an 8 beating a 3 will not count.

For the Solo / Team leaderboards, your actual rank does not seem to matter as much as the difference in rank from your opponents. As far as I could tell, a person cycling between ranks 6 and 10 will climb up the leaderboard just as quickly as someone cycling between 12 and 16. You can reach #1 on the Solo leaderboard at any rank.

Note: It is possible to exploit the points system to accelerate your progress somewhat if you have more than one xbox and several extra accounts. This idea is discussed further in the Suggested Improvements section.

The Importance of De-Ranking
It can be tempting to try to work toward the Universal leaderboard achievement at the same time as this one. You might think that you could simply win Solo games and never lose in Team, and that way you would never lose rank and you would be making fast-as-possible progress toward World Champion. However, this approach is not as helpful as you might expect. Here are a few reasons why:

1. It takes time to rank up your opponents
As you continue to win games, your rank will increase and your opponent's rank will decrease. Eventually you will become 4 ranks higher than your opponent and your games will no longer count. If you decide not to derank, your only other option is to rank up your opponents. To do so, you will need more accounts and more time. The more you rank up, the more difficult it will become to rank your opponents up to your level or higher. It won't take long before the you're spending vastly more time ranking up your opponents than you're spending on moving yourself up the Solo leaderboard.

2. You need to play opponents ranked higher than yourself for best progress
Suppose you do keep ranking up. There is a maximum rank of 25, which means that by the time you reach rank 22 it will become impossible to play opponents ranked 4 levels higher than you. Your progress towards Solo #1 will gradually slow down. Above 20 it also gets tougher to rank up accounts, meaning it will take longer to create opponents for your main account. I cannot recommend going for the World Champion achievement at the same time as this one--it is best to go after each of the 3 leaderboard achievements one at a time.

3. You'll never reach Solo #1 before you max out your rank
It took me 20+ cycles to reach Solo #1--that's ranking up 80+ times. Without deranking I would have been just over 1/4 of the way done by the time I maxed out my rank.

Q: But won't losing a lot of games in Team make it more difficult to get the Team Champion achivement?
A: No! The leaderboards seem to be based on a points system, and there is a "zero" level that you cannot drop below. After 20+ cycles of deranking in Team to earn Solo Champion, I rose from the bottom of the leaderboard (about #960) to #120 in less than 24 hours. My losses did not seem to slow my progress towards Team Champion at all!

Playing Optimal Games
If you finish games too quickly they may not count. Games must last about one minute total to guarantee they are recorded correctly. It might be that the servers record games with a minute-accurate timestamp, and if you complete a second game with the same timestamp as your last, then you will lose one of the games. Although nothing will tell you whether your game counted or not, it is possible to observe the problem of dropped games indirectly. First, play a complete cycle with one-minute games and count the number of games it takes each time one player's rank changes. Then, play a second cycle with very fast games you will notice that it takes more games for ranks to change.

Tip: Turn on the Auto-Launch timer
You do not need to run the match time down for a whole minute--in fact, it might be that games are recorded on the server between matches. If you turn on the 30-second auto-launch timer and let it count all the way down each time, then you can end your matches after 30 seconds of game time. You can find the Auto-Launch timer under the Advanced Options menu. I ran 5-minute matches and ended them when the clock hit 4:30, then let the Auto-Launch count down the entire 30 seconds between matches. I found this method to be very quick and consistent.

Q. How should I set up / end my matches?
A. In general, you want to play a type of game that is very easy to end quickly. That way you can keep an eye on the clock so you don't end your game prematurely, then move quickly to end the game when the time is right. There's not any one correct answer to how to set up your games, but here are a few suggestions:

- Choose a smaller map that you are familiar with (or find easy to navigate).

- Territory type, Custom; Set a single Center Zone, Victory = 5 points. Simply step into the Zone when the time is right and 5 seconds later you win the match

- Respawns = off; Find your second account and kill it. This might take some time if playing by yourself, but might be a nice way to stay entertained if boosting with another person.

- Suicide method: I have been told (but have not verified) that matches will count if the losing player drops a grenade at his own feet.

Auto-Playing Team Games
If you are using a second account on the same XBox as your main profile, it is possible to set up Team games to run on their own. Although auto-playing games is generally quite a bit slower than playing them yourself, you will be able to de-rank yourself while sleeping or away.

To set up auto-play, follow these settings:

Mode = Team Territory
Type = Custom
- Respawns = Off
- Zone Control = Capture
- Helicopters = On
- Zone = 1 Base
- Scoring = Capture All
- Victory = Time
Map = Desert Gulch / Rocky Cove (any small map with open skies)
Time = 5 Minutes
Advanced Settings = [as listed, only important settings are shown]
- Number of Players = 2 (actual number of players so nobody else joins)
- Team Start Location = Standard (players 1 & 3 win) or Swapped (players 2 & 4 win)
- Auto-Launch Timer = 30 Seconds
- Game Start Timer = Off
- Drones = None
- Lock Room = Yes
- Map Rotation = Same
- Map Plays = 1

These settings will create an "Attack and Defend" style game. The defending team will spawn in the base zone, and the helicopter will attempt to kill the attacking team. If at least 30 seconds have elapsed and the helicopter kills at least one member of the attacking team, then the defending team scores a victory.

As long as all the players are on the same XBox the Team Start Location setting will make the teams the same game after game. If you are playing over XBox Live, you will not be able to determine which team is defending, so auto-play will not work.

Suggested Improvements
The basic strategy I've outlined here is about as good as it gets with two accounts and one box. You can auto-play Team games to make progress while you're away from your box, and you can play Team games yourself to speed up your progress somewhat while you're around. Doing better will require more accounts.

Double De-Rank
While working on Solo, I had accounts at ranks 8, 12 and 16. In the evening I would rank my main account up to 16, then I would set it to de-rank against my level 12 account overnight. In the morning my main would be 12 and my other account would be 16. I would then set up my main to lose to my level 8 account and go to work. By the time I got home my main account would be completely de-ranked. Although two sessions of ranking and de-ranking in a row doesn't get you to #1 any faster than playing one cycle at a time, it can help you to work around your schedule and possibly get in more cycles in a day that you would otherwise accomplish.

Minimal Involvement
You can take advantage of Team auto-play to reduce the number of games you have to play yourself. Since auto-play is not as efficient as playing games yourself, this will slow your overall progress somewhat, but you'll get more done without touching the controller.

Let's suppose you're cycling between 11 and 15. Start by de-ranking your account completely (lose in Team until you are ranked 11 and your boost account is 15). Now switch to Solo and start winning. It will only take about 25 games or so until both accounts are 13. Instead of playing out the rest of the cycle, switch back to Team and let the games auto-play until you are completely deranked again.

Normally, it will take you about 2 hours to rank up 4 times for a complete cycle. With this approach you'll only play for about one hour (two sessions of about 30 minutes each) to rank up 4 times across two half-cycles. Since it takes so many games to derank, this will not help you to complete cycles any faster than normal. However, this approach is a good way to work with limited gaming time or get more work done without actually playing.

Accelerated Ranking
If you do happen to have more accounts and more than one XBox, you can take advantage of the fact that playing against accounts 4 ranks apart from you will change your rank much more quickly than playing against the same account for the whole cycle.

The idea is simple: as much as possible, de-rank against accounts that are 4 ranks lower than you, then rank against accounts that are 4 ranks higher than you. Since it takes about 10 games to move one rank like this, and each game takes roughly a minute, you could complete one cycle in a little more than 80 minutes (instead of 6 hours) if you had enough accounts sitting at the right ranks.

The only "problem" with this approach is that the other accounts in your accelerated cycle will rank up and down just as quickly as you, and when you're done they won't be the correct ranks to do another accelerated cycle. However, if you have more than one XBox you can use your extra boxes to fix the ranks on your "acceleration" accounts while you continue doing regular cycles with your main profile and a second on your main box.

The best way to set up the acceleration accounts depends a great deal on exactly how many accounts and boxes you have at your disposal, so I won't go into great detail. In general, keep an up-to-date list of your accounts and their ranks so you know which accounts should play which others. Refer to other sources to learn about building a "ladder" (this should be discussed in various solutions for the Universal leaderboard's World Champion achievement). That will help you to figure out how to rank your accounts to where you want them.

Questions? Suggestions?
Please post any questions or suggestions as Comments here. I will attempt to answer questions and can add anything that I might have missed to the solution.

Best of luck!
CTDMUDRUNNERGreat Guide!!! I may just start GRAW after all with owning 3 XBox and 4-1year gild accounts. :-) Big thumbs up when I start this game and can give you feedback.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 09 Dec 10 at 14:55
ll Lone Wolf lIi tried the method you stated about on solo territory and watched my progress on the leaderboards after every match but my ranks or possition never changed even after 30-40 games. I was number 345 and never went up at all. I tried setting the point limit to 50 and i went up 10 spots the first try are you sure the 5 point method works.
Posted by ll Lone Wolf lI on 31 Dec 10 at 07:13
ll Lone Wolf lInever mind just saw that each match has to be at least 30 seconds to count.
Posted by ll Lone Wolf lI on 31 Dec 10 at 07:29
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Posted by o S0LIDUS o on 10 Aug 11 at 08:50
Doctor ShawnReally great solution. I had previously decided these achievements would take more effort than I was prepared to put in, but this has made me reconsider. Might re-buy the game and give it a go seeing how it's possible to de-rank without being present.
Posted by Doctor Shawn on 17 Oct 11 at 02:31
Raj122Anybody wanting to rank up in solo can do so against me for a limit time from now as i have just got the universal achievement and will be de-ranking to get the team leaderboard achievement.
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DecadentBeaverThis seems fanned complicated. I would love to get these paperboard achievements, as I know a few people who would be seriously impressed. As I would if I got them. Might give it a go though.
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S4LUT3t0LUN4CYi thought Quake 4 was bad, i never see sessions for these GRAW leaderboard cheevos... how many players would you need for this?
Posted by S4LUT3t0LUN4CY on 17 Jul 13 at 07:58
HellCreeper666@above... If you would read his guide you would know wink
Posted by HellCreeper666 on 03 Nov 13 at 02:51
karterfoneIt took me about two months of doing nothing but solo to finish it. According to my count, it took 528 rank-ups starting from scratch to get to the #1 spot. The game only cares about how much YOUR rank goes up.

I always did 2v1 Solo Objective (50 point limit). This gives me ~50 seconds of downtime every match, and you never risk having too short a match. I used this to play another game concurrently. I log in on the second controller, and put dummies on 1 and 3. Going against two 13s, I would end at 14 vs 10s. Then, I switch to Team using the options described above, and wait to get back to my starting point. A full cycle takes about 5 1/2 - 6 hours. If you can run a ladder with a pair of 14s and 18s, you can chain them together nicely. This let me get 10-11 rank-ups per day. I could finish the set in about 5-6 hours, start the first derank step before going to bed, and the second step before leaving for work.

Also, don't run Solo Objective against multiple opponents if they're more than 4 ranks above you. This causes one of the dummies to get "locked", and won't transfer rank anymore. I'm not entirely clear on what gets it unstuck, but a combination of using a different 360 and different game mode worked.
Posted by karterfone on 21 Nov 13 at 20:54
HellCreeper666I unlocked the solo leaderboard achievement today thanx to your guide headspin
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ukinsproWhilst there is a lot of good information in this guide, and the basic principles are correct, there are too many assumptions. Still worth an up vote, but not the fastest way.
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ANyone who rallies a crew of 6 or more can DESTROY this game and Loyld, or you could just scratch it. Good guide though, I am gonna do this soon come Hell or High water, and I will get it with a ton of friends.
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HellCreeper666Shows how much you know about the Solo Leaderboard laugh
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SpeleoFoolI wish there was a magic solution. I really do. These leaderboard achievements were miserable. For the doubters, my job outside of gaming is hardware design verification engineer (I write the tests to make sure brand new computer components do what they're supposed to do). I'm very confident in my analysis of how the leader boards work since observing those patterns is not unlike what I do for work. Nevertheless, if you find some awesome shortcut, please post your own solution. I'm sure the poor souls suffering through the seemingly endless cycles of ranking and drank ingredients will thank you dearly. :-)
Posted by SpeleoFool on 20 May 15 at 02:05
Big Killa CAlthough I will probably never go for this achievement I appreciate the effort you put into the guide for those that will. Excellent guide + 1
Posted by Big Killa C on 11 Jan 16 at 02:07
LeiChatAwesome guide. thank you.
Unlikely I guess but if this game went back compatible for Xbox One it would help due to the inherit gold feature, unlimited boost accounts. 😍
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LJParnellHas anyone tested the suicide method? Does it work? I tried a few times and it did not seem to work for me. I thought this would be easier - wait for some time, drop grenade, die, repeat ad infinitum.
Posted by LJParnell on 18 Jan 18 at 15:29
jjaldanaThe suicide method works if you have the right game mode. It works on siege team game modes. It does not work on solo.
Posted by jjaldana on 19 Feb 19 at 04:33
A DEAD B0DY MANThis game is draining.. Im getting there but god...
** Most recent 100% CDC Chad. Got all three leaderboard achievements on Christmas eve .. .. I hope his tamper doesn't ruin up my progress legit. Seems board does freeze or I dunno anymore..
Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN on 05 Jan 20 at 09:07
A DEAD B0DY MANI dunno how many of these guys don't work etc.
To get team after solo or vice versa in three months is crazy... Unless you boosted 24 hrs a day and got maybe. 4 cycles a day max(including de rank time) is bs. It'll be like 4-5 months
Anyone who boosts legit will know what I mean.
Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN on 11 Jul 20 at 18:10
A DEAD B0DY MANSo how can anyone vboost 24/7.. if not cheating we got some meth addicts that don't sleep lol
Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN on 12 Jul 20 at 00:05
jjaldanaIf you manually play team games you can finish a cycle in 3 hours. Let’s say you sleep for 8 hours, the. You have 16 hours. 16/3=5.333
Posted by jjaldana on 27 Jul 20 at 08:06
A DEAD B0DY MANLol ok simple math Lol that's doesn't really help with anything.
A team cycle can be done in 3hrs afk..
can be 2-2.5 if actually playing . But who would want to do both sides. I enjoyed a lil break
If they are playing 24/7 then team games then it could be 2.5 hrs etc.. sooooo what the point of that comment ? Believe me it's hard to do 4 cycles a day. 615am - 3am that's with some afk. Other factors like rank freeze and having to restart game etc are time factors... It's never smooth .
Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN on 28 Sep 20 at 15:07
A DEAD B0DY MANThen those 16 hours you divide by 3 to get 5.33 is both solo and team so only 2.66 cycles done on board your currently doing. No one does .66 of cycle so only two.... whatever
Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN on 28 Sep 20 at 15:11
jjaldanaYou can get a fully rank up and derank done in 3 hours if you know what you are doing. So that would be 5.33333 full cycles a day. Not 2.6666 cycles. You can rank up 4 levels in 90 minute manually. Then it takes two hours maybe a bit more more to auto boost. There are ways to speed things up even with just two accounts. If you played 24/7 and manually did team you could get 8 fully cycles a day. And it’s possible to do that if you are boosting team and solo with a friend. Sleep while the other person deranks you.
Posted by jjaldana on 14 Oct 20 at 06:33