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Complete all secondary objectives in Campaign Mode

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Here is a list of all secondary objectives by mission and campaign progress. Many thanks to The Dauntless for the confirmation!

The Sky is Burning
Destroy all artillery units
Once you have control of your helicopter take off and head left. You will encounter several vehicles. You will also see two groups of artillery on ridges to the right and left behind the wave of vehicles. Destroy all the artillery and the objective is complete.

Holidays in Hell
Use FLIR to search for and tag survivors in the water around the catamaran
This mission resumes where the previous mission of that chapter ended. The catamaran will blow up. Do not fly away. Stay there for a while and you will be prompted with the secondary objective. Switch to FLIR (hitting cn_B twice) and look in the vicinity of the burning wreck. You should be able to make out three survivors. Hover over them with the cursor and press cn_A. Do not shoot them. Once you have tagged them they will be made visible by a blinking light. Repeat until you have all three and the objective is yours.

A Diamond in the Rough
Laser designate targets for an airstrike
Starting the mission, head through the canyon until you receive the objective to destroy the pirate base. I recommend you take cover behind the plateau to your left as you exit the canyon. Now switch to your Hellfire missiles. Use the targeting system to lock six units in total by holding cn_A until a chevron appears over the target, the same way you do for the ripple strike achievement. Once the sixth target has been locked you will receive some radio chatter about the airstrike and a sequence of UAV's launching missiles. This secondary objective is now yours!

City on Fire
Don't let the enemy vehicles approach to the bridges
As soon as you reach the city and engage the enemy this objective will pop up. Focus on the convoys south and south-east of the village. Take out the heavy armored vehicles with Hellfire missiles and strafe the other vehicles since they are usually only lightly armored. Once all the southern waves are taken care off you can proceed to the western front. Depending on how fast you are you could also lock the leading armored vehicles on the western front and sent a couple Hellfire's their way.

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The Dauntless Just wanted to confirm that you have listed all the secondary objectives.

Good guide too.
Posted by The Dauntless on 28 Nov 10 at 13:43
Epsilon Theta Thank you The Dauntless. I was afraid I had missed one since four secondary objectives throughout all the campaign seemed wrong at first.
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 28 Nov 10 at 13:46
Smeds Awesome guide for City on Fire. I tried to do the Secondary without any guides, but it was just too tough trying to get the farthest column. Resorted to crashing my chopper so I could get an instant reload on Hellfire's. Thumbs up!
Posted by Smeds on 28 Dec 10 at 02:58
Epsilon Theta Thank you for your comment. What difficulty were you playing on? I am not entirely sure but I seem to remember that, at least on Realistic, crashing does not provide instant reloads on weapons.
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 28 Dec 10 at 08:31
DanglyThread On training difficulty you respawn with all your hellfire's. Good idea if your finding city of fire hard. You can take a whole convoy out with two hellfire's if you dont lock on to the two tanks infront of the convoy.Go into your FLIR mode and you can manually control your hellfire's...
Posted by DanglyThread on 14 Jan 11 at 09:18
Epsilon Theta Good to know. When I wrote up the solution I had Realistic difficulty in mind as I figured most of the players on this site would try to get Reaslistic done as they were going through the campaign.
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 14 Jan 11 at 12:19
lord verh Great guide. I'd say Hellfires are missiles though and not rockets LOL
Posted by lord verh on 08 May 12 at 13:20
Epsilon Theta Agreed. I made the changes.
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 08 May 12 at 20:48