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100 Monster Fights

Make Monster Fights happen 100 times.

100 Monster Fights+0.3
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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter870,686
02 Oct 2008 24 Sep 2009
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A monster fight is when you get 2+ monsters in your encounter circle and their names turn yellow. Initiate the fight and you will go into a monster fight.

Technically you do not need to finish each battle, but just initiate it. To finish this achievement quicker simply initiate the monster fight, then run away, rinse and repeat 100 times.

If you are doing it the quick way and running away, this will go towards your "Flee 50 times" achievement.

You can keep track of your progress in your Battle Records.
jaganshihieiyyhThis isn't worth an entire separate guide, but I'll add that a good place to farm monster fights is right outside the Wilderness Camp in Lot Wilderness East (In other words, warp to the camp and exit past the save point). There's a Fat Rat and Ancient Katydid right there. You won't be bothered too much by other mobs if you don't have Stink on.

Obviously you can do it anywhere, but if you're not near a couple of hostile monster parties and suddenly have an itch to get this achievement, this is a convenient place to get to.
Posted by jaganshihieiyyh on 28 Jul 09 at 02:24
kosKiTmosIn that same area, just before the First Sheep Tribe Camp.
There is a Fat Rat guarding a chest.
Lure a Katydid near it, fight both, flee, then repeat.
Using the rat thats guarding the chest helps because it cant really move. This gives you much better control between batles.
If starting the 100 Monster Fight count from scrratch you just come here, do this little trick it should take about an hour and a half to get to complete. As your doing this, if you want to know how far along you are, its kept track of in your Battle Record.
Also, after the achievement pops, you can make a point to Not save `if you dont want to add 100 retreats to your battle record.
Posted by kosKiTmos on 24 Sep 09 at 10:03