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No Go Gorgonzola

Make it through Act 3 without touching the Gorgonzola.

No Go Gorgonzola0
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02 Jun 2009 02 Jun 2009
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This is fairly tricky to do.

First, you need to get the Wensleydale off the ground where the swarm of bees are outside the shop(you can just pick it up, you don't need to get rid off them yet). Then go back to the house, get the lullaby record from Wallace's bedroom and then go down to the cellar.

Armed with the Wensleydale, bring up the robotic mouse remote control thing, and turn it to Wensleydale so the tin mouse comes over to where you are. Leave the robot mouse there and head back outside the house.

Go into the back yard and use the Wensleydale with the cellar door, this lets Gromit drop the cheese down by the record player. Do the same with the lullaby record. You need to now go back into the cellar.

Once you're there, get inside the robot mouse and select Wensleydale on the remote again. This makes the mouse head on up through the hive without getting stung.

At the top, and this is tricky if you're going for the achievement, you need to very quickly, pick up the lullably record and use it with the record player. You only have a limited time window to do this, as otherwise a bee appears and kicks you back to the bottom of the hive, forcing you to use the Gorgonzola. If you do it quickly enough, the bees fall asleep and the achievement is unlocked.

Remember, don't pick up or use the Gorgonzola at all (it falls out of the policeman's hat when you talk to him).
PiosceneJust to confirm, it's only Act Three that you can't use the Gorgonzola if you want the achievement. It's okay to use it to spring the Sniffer 3000 from Jail in Act Two, in fact I'm pretty sure you have to use the Gorgonzola in Act 2. As long as you don't pick it up in Act Three, the achievement will unlock.
Posted by Pioscene on 02 Jun 09 at 19:35
Deception975You don't have to drop the record. You can just keep it on you.
Posted by Deception975 on 04 Jun 11 at 02:33
Ry FryyI got the Achievement even after picking up the Gorgonzola. I just didn't use it, I used the Wensleydale. Not sure if it glitched or what, but just a heads up for anyone who accidentally picked it up and is about to start over - it still may unlock.
Posted by Ry Fryy on 28 Jan 12 at 23:31