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Distinguished Combat Medal

Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Hardcore difficulty setting. Do not change the setting.

Distinguished Combat Medal+0.2
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02 Jun 2009 03 Jun 2009
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its easier to start with an existing shepard (your previous playthrough shep) because he still got the weapons and upgrades from your previous playthrough. especially the earlier parts will become easier, when you normally dont have any skills. furthermore, dont do any sidequests. usually good for grinding XP, now they will only set you back.

Hardcore difficulty is do-able, enemies only take longer to kill, its not that they become stronger. It helps when you have your armor and upgrades from previous playthrough.

and DO upgrade your weapons. I only did that while on Noveria, after getting stuck just before Benezia. Upgrading my weapons did really help. I was a fool then, dont make the same mistakes I did ;)
Negative ZZWhat do you mean by upgrade?
Posted by Negative ZZ on 12 Feb 10 at 01:37
Blackhawks3719Does beating the game on Insanity unlock this achievement as well? Or do I have to beat the game twice if I want both Hardcore and Insanity achievements?
Posted by Blackhawks3719 on 16 Feb 10 at 18:38
Josh LandonNegative, when you're at the Equipment menu, select a weapon and press X to apply upgrades (such as better ammunition, better accuracy, etc.). Blackhawks, Insanity difficulty is only unlocked upon completion of a Hardcore playthrough.
Posted by Josh Landon on 25 Feb 10 at 14:37
TopGunJCRIm a little confused, in the difficulty settings when you first start the game, the hardest setting is veteran... is this the same as hardcore? or do the other difficulty settings unlock after the first playthrough?
Posted by TopGunJCR on 30 Jun 10 at 05:43
Seanthesheep97After 1st Playthrough you will unlock Hard-Core difficulty and when done on Hardcore you unlock Insanity.
Posted by Seanthesheep97 on 27 Jul 10 at 11:54