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Collect all Jedi holocrons in the game

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02 Oct 2008
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Achievement Hunter has a great set of videos - often more helpful with some Holocrons, and the witty remarks add flavor - at that don't really need repeating.

What I do want to warn you about is the "default text glitch" discussed in some detail - though take any assumptions about how this happens with a grain of salt since nothing has been proven and every assumption has been proven wrong - at

What even the Lucas Arts support page states is that you should make a backup periodically. What I did is after every mission right after you regain control, click the Back button, select the mission stats, and make sure the first objective doesn't read "* default text". If not, exit out of the game, go to the System blade, select Memory, then your Hard Drive, then Games, then find "The Force Unleashed". Select it and copy it to a MU. If the "* default text" shows up, reload this save. Always load the game off your hard drive when actually playing the Force Unleashed, however. Don't corrupt your backup. It's only 320K - at least for both 1 and 2 game saves (haven't created any more myself) - so it doesn't take much.

This usually happens on the last level, but some have reported it on earlier levels and it appears it's not just limited to the Xbox 360.
YeahWotIt seems there was a patch realeased a few weeks ago to fix the 'default text glitch'.
Posted by YeahWot on 01 Dec 08 at 15:57
motley gunneryeah some pretty funny comments on achievement hunter
Posted by motley gunner on 17 Oct 09 at 23:56
EL Flintoi was wondering if i finish the game can i still replay the missions to get all the holocrons?
Posted by EL Flinto on 18 Dec 09 at 16:27
DKong27After you beat the game, you can go back and replay any missions, except the Prologue.
Posted by DKong27 on 06 Feb 10 at 17:57
Dat Boi Treezybrilliatn guide!
Posted by Dat Boi Treezy on 20 Feb 10 at 01:22
Posted by xDaFtVaDeR423x on 02 Apr 10 at 14:17
prokopthank you very much
Posted by prokop on 27 Mar 11 at 23:44
Crims0nScorpionso did the patch fix the glitch I just started playing the game on Normal difficulty for my first playthrough and I'll probably go grab the Holocron and everything on my Sith Master playthrough but I just want to know so if I do anything that triggers this glitch it won't screw my game up
Posted by Crims0nScorpion on 29 Dec 15 at 03:02