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Noble 1: Earn a Double Kill from the Grave in multiplayer Matchmaking.

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05 Dec 2010 19 Dec 2010
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*NOTE:The first solution I have posted, as pointed out by Demonhunter 7, is now bannable by Bungie. (wasn't when i posted this, but now is none the less). I would strongly suggest using the second part solution i have posted unless you don't care about getting a credit ban. (if you don't want to get a credit ban for using the first method, get the achievement and then just make sure to distribute kills amongst your guest and yourself. What the "bungie banhammer" is looking for when banning is full parties that have only one player with all the kills on each or one of the teams.when it recognizes that only 1 or 2 players have all the kills it will hand out the bans. Bans will not allow you to earn credits in matchmaking for a week. you will still be able to play, but won't earn any credits for doing so.

The Best way to get this achievement is boosting. You can have up to 3 guests in multiplayer, so if you and a friend each have four controllers, you only need 2 people. Just have your friend place his 2 guests against a wall and grab a shotgun or sword (or any1 hit kill weapon, these are the 2 easiest to use though) and stand behind you. once everyone is in position, take out the 2 people you plan on killing's shields and throw a plasma grenade above their heads and have your friend immediately kill you. if you did it correctly you should die before the grenade goes off and get the achievement!

If you don't want to boost, this will take time and a little bit of luck (or lack if look depending on how you want to look at it). The best mode to do it in is either Invasion or Big Team Battle. The reason for this is that there is lots of vehicle play in both.
Your best bet is to get invasion on Spire. in the round when you are on the Elites team, Try letting the Spartan get to the third phase. During this phase the Spartans get a Warthog (also available during phase 2) and a Falcon. Both of these vehicles carry up to 3 people.
when you spawn in phase 3, you should spawn behind some cover that looks like the purple thing in this pic (note: you can chose to spawn here, if you don'd see this landmark press up or down on the d-pad and it will move your spawn location). Once you spawn here, head to the right and continue along the path (pic for reference) until you get to the plasma launcher, which is located behind the rocks shown in the previous pic.
Once you get the plasma launcher, move to an area that you can jump off the edge and wait for the other team to grab the Falcon and get in range. use the right thumbstick to zoom in and wait for the reticle to turn red. Fully charge up the launcher and fire all four rounds at the Falcon. Once you see the rounds are tracking, jump off the edge and enjoy your achievement. hope this helps :) Good luck!
vikingbloodlustA reason for the negative vote would be nice. This is by far the easiest method of the solutions posted IMO and it was the most detailed, including pics so you know where to go. This method requires the least amount of luck of all the solutions and you should be able to have multiple attempts each game.
Posted by vikingbloodlust on 11 Dec 10 at 18:52
Daemonhunter 7I didn't give it a negative vote but idle boosting is bannable. Joining a game with idle guests is just asking to be kicked off matchmaking.
Posted by Daemonhunter 7 on 19 Dec 10 at 04:56
vikingbloodlusti'll add that note
Posted by vikingbloodlust on 19 Dec 10 at 21:47
vikingbloodlustalso i'm not the only one who has posted the boosting method. what i was commenting on originally was the second half of my solution
Posted by vikingbloodlust on 19 Dec 10 at 21:57
daverKilling a Falcon with Plasma launcher on Spire is what did it for me. I did not jump any ledge though, I just blew myself up with the nades I spawned with. Got it on my first attempt, if only I hadn't spent those hours trying to get this by nading people randomly as others suggested.
Posted by daver#7977 on 18 Feb 11 at 00:00
vikingbloodlustglad this helped :)
Posted by vikingbloodlust on 18 Feb 11 at 06:23
BUILT TO HURTwhen you say its banable, how long is the ban and what if you do this with idle live accounts rather than guests? cheers
Posted by BUILT TO HURT on 23 Mar 11 at 03:53
vikingbloodlustI believe it's a week long credit ban, but I could be wrong. Looking on the forums I couldn't find an actual bungie employee comment on this (although I know it's there somewhere, I'm on my phone an it's a pain to look for that stuff. Sorry).

As far as best ways to avoid a ban, using alt live accounts is better than using guest accounts. The other thing to do is once you get the achievement, grab the idle players and start getting kills with them and try mixing it up (i.e. Don't just go ten kills, ten kills, ten kills with each alt profile. Try to make it look more random by getting a few with one guy, moving to the next, goin back and so on.) let me note though all my experience with the ban hammer is from Halo 3 though, so the detection may be better. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

To give you a first hand example (from my Halo 3 boosting, I haven't boosted Reach since they started handing out bans) I did a boosting game where I used alt accounts and my boosting partner used guests, on top of this after we got the achievements I started killing with the alt accounts and in random patterns, he didn't use hi guests at all. At the end of the game he received a temp ban message and I didn't. Hope this helps, good luck :)
Posted by vikingbloodlust on 24 Mar 11 at 13:56
MrVoilaThe second method (with the sticky launcher) is definitely the best bet. Thanks man!
Posted by MrVoila on 13 Jul 11 at 07:40
bernie normanthe second method is how i did it it took me a while mostly beacuse the launcher wouldnt lock on to the helicopter till i actually look down the sites but finally did it by jumping off the spire beacuse from there you can see the whol map very good in my appinion
Posted by bernie norman on 27 Jan 12 at 15:56
EthigyThe timing for this seems to be very precise; you have to die the exact second you throw your grenade, no later. A good way of achieving this is having a buddy kill you with a shotgun (as you’re throwing the grenade), as the shotgun’s a quick one shot kill. Sticky grenades are the best for this because they don’t need shields to be lowered, the natural damage will suffice in killing both players (that is they’re right next to one another).
Posted by Ethigy on 11 Nov 17 at 19:24