Noble Map Pack Title Update in Halo: Reach Review by Toadfan5

06 Dec 2010 27 Dec 2010
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The Nobel Map Pack is here. And for $10 it is well worth your money.

We'll start with my personal favorite map Anchor 9. A basic small 1v1 map with a twist that makes it playable for at absolute most a 5v5 match. This map is a lot of fun to play. It's balanced with no power weapons being on one side of the map to give an advantage to one team. Overall its best for CTF, Slayer, and Oddball. Its also got an outerspace section that is so flawlessly encorperated into the map that is evident that it was not just a gimic. This map gets a 5 out of 5.

The Next map is Breakpoint. This map was not built for slayer matches. Dont get me wrong this map is very fun, its just not built for slayer. The spawns in slayer are too close together and teams have different power weapons at each base. EX, Shotgun and Rockets are at different bases. Though Invasion is MAD fun on this map. It encoperates the entirty of the map and it plays very nicely. Though some parts of the map are unfair, their is a cliff top at the middle of the map that actually has a sniper at the top of it, so Snipers have a HUGE advantge in this map. Overall this map has its problems, but it does what it was made to do, Invasion and CTF. Nothing more. This map gets a 4 out of 5, only because this map with a few teaks it could have been made into a Great invasion map that could handle Slayer.

Now onto the only real set back of this map pack the map Tempest. O how I hate this map. Its my opinion I know, but this map just isnt fun for anything that I have played on it. I played Snipers and CTF on it and neither match was fun. Though this map is meant to be a forge map I have heard, and I did play a custom Race match on it and the map was actually good for that. But in matchmaking its not really made for it. Overall I give this map a 2 out of 5. Its fun for forgeing, but we have forge world for that so its not really a good map.

Now the Achievements. You can get a possible 250 gamerscore from this map pack. A few acheivements are fairly easy, Double Kill with a shotgun, Destroy a vehicle with armor lock, and win an offensive game of invasion on breakpoint. Now one is very difficult to get legit, get every flag in a stockpile round, and not to mention that its worth 42 points which is really annoying. But for Achievement hunters this is an easy 208 points legit, and if you have some good friends an easy 250 points.

For fans of Halo Reach this is a must buy, for fans of shooters and well fun this is a must buy. If you think Halo Reach is an ok game this map pack honesly isnt for you. Anchor 9 is a map that almost everyone can enjoy, Breakpoint is full of noobs who just spam heavy weapons and if you dont get them you have almost no chance of making a comeback, and Tempest shouldnt have been in matchmaking, its not a fun map from what I have played.

Thanks for reading, this is my first review of anything, so please dont destroy me in this. So thanks a lot for reading and if you like Halo Reach you can stop reading this and go buy it now.
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P4NDA CAKES i really hope the price on this drops, the game isn't even worth another 10 bucks for 7 achievements.

btw: up vote lol
Posted by P4NDA CAKES on 08 Dec 10 at 01:46
MFMegazerox I got all the achievments on Reach legit (including You Ate All the Chips). :)
Posted by MFMegazerox on 28 Feb 11 at 23:25
Toadfan5 Cool Story Bro
Posted by Toadfan5 on 01 Mar 11 at 00:12
MAGNUS 7000 Let me get this str8. Out of the 3 maps, you like one, Found a flaw in the second & Hate the last. Then you say its a must buy? I thought you didnt have fun on 2/3 of the maps? Yet you say its a must buy for fun? Me thinks your just writing what you think u should right and not what you actually think. Seems to be a contradiction to me.
Posted by MAGNUS 7000 on 16 Mar 11 at 14:39
Toadfan5 Ok I see what your going at here, I honestly think that Anchor 9 is worth the money I spent on it, so well say out of the $10 I spent on it 1/3 of it was well worth the money. Then Breakpoint is also worth the money so thats about 2/3 of my money well spent. Then Tempest well yeah it still sucks I dont like it so thats about $2 wasted. However the achievements are very easy for the most part so yeah id say an easy 250 gamerscore is worth the tempest maps flaws. So yeah its a must buy brohan, for Halo Fans as I said ;)
Posted by Toadfan5 on 16 Mar 11 at 17:30
Zombie Deej Upvote. Simply for use of the word 'brohan' in everyday speech. Win for you.
Posted by Zombie Deej on 12 May 11 at 00:52
Toadfan5 Thanks Brosidon
Posted by Toadfan5 on 12 May 11 at 01:06
Quarantane I have not bought this map pack yet, but I have unlocked 3 achievements for it, not on any of the maps you listed here. I only play Team Slayer for the vast majority of my online matchmaking.

I also got the achievement for destroying a vehicle, on a map that has no vehicles.

Seems to me the achievements for this map pack are glitched pretty bad to me.

Up vote, for an honest review.
Posted by Quarantane on 03 May 12 at 02:48
FIVWPPJ 4.5/5.
Posted by FIVWPPJ on 26 Jul 12 at 04:06