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Get every single bonus at least once (Multiplayer Only).

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08 Dec 2010 08 Dec 2010
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First of all, credit goes where due to the great boosters I got this with. They are as follows:

A7X Sephiroth, reverse6977, Comander Drizzle, Empire of Maury, Stomper001, TachyonicRage.

Now, the other posted guide (by CTDMUDRUNNER) is very good for telling you what to do to get the individual bonuses, and on the whole they are not that bad, but some - especially Extreme Variety - are a real annoyance. So, after a few hours, I worked out a good general order to get it. We got 5 people in a row Extreme Variety by doing this.

We also found that the co-op bonuses did not seem to count, and neither did Variety and Greater Variety. If someone discovers evidence to the contrary, please let me know. Also if anyone finds any errors, please tell me - this is my first pseudo-guide!

Alliance Private Match (Easiest for us, you may change as desired) Team 1 contains person wanting Extreme Variety, Team 2 are their targets and Team 3 are their hunters.

The Person Going for Extreme Variety (with Hidden Gun and Poison Equipped):

1: FIRST BLOOD (just go up to target and kill).
2: Usually gets SILENT along with above. If not, swap #3 with here or insert later on, etc.
3: Do some running around before next kill to get DISCREET.
4: Jump in bush, etc. (without being seen by target), and kill with full focus bar to get INCOGNITO, FOCUS, HIDDEN.
5: See Above (FOCUS).
\-> VARIETY should pop.
6: See Above (HIDDEN).
7: Hang from a ledge, have target hang beside you and kill to get ACROBATIC.
8: Same as above, but have them stand above you on ledge to get DROP KILL.
9: Have a member of Team 3 (not your targets), stun a target then kill them on the ground for GROUNDED.
10: Kill with poison for POISON.
\-> GREATER VARIETY should pop.
11: Have someone climb up high onto a ledge, lock onto them with the gun (but don't release RB/LB), let them jump then shoot them in the air for MID-AIR. (This usually concludes Round 1).
12: Poison your target, then have your teammate kill them quickly for INTERCEPTED.
13: Stun a member of Team 3 for STUN.
14: Move close to a civilian that looks like you and have a member of Team 3 kill them for LURE.
15. Have a member of Team 3 run around near you to trigger an escape and then run and hide to get ESCAPE.
\-> EXTREME VARIETY should pop.

We usually had ~2:00 left on the clock in round 2, which can then be used to boost some miscellaneous bonuses people may need.

Note: There are substitutions, for example one can often get SAVIOUR while doing the bush kills if everybody is nearby. Also, DOUBLE ESCAPE can be obtained if both members of Team 3 start a chase, etc. One could also get AERIAL KILL (even though its not on the bonus list for some reason). Thus there are more than 15 allowing for some variance. There are other alternate choices as well. This is just how we did it while avoiding co-op bonuses, which caused us no end of trouble.

There are good spots in each level to do this with all the requirements. We used:

Monteriggioni - Up near mansion.
Rome - Under Pantheon pillars after others killed the NPC's.
Florence - On rooftop around central pillar.
Forli - Around large well in bottom corner (we skipped it - annoying map with a lot of NPC's).
San Donato - On rooftop of central building with bell tower.
Castel Gandolfo - On front fountain.
Venice - On top of blue stall in central pavilion.
Siena - On top of yellow/orange tent with bar inside.

Of the above, San Donato and Castel Gandolfo were the easiest, so if you are doing a private match, I recommend those maps.

Hope this helped (this bonus was very annoying - have fun doing it legit lol).

- Chimaera36
Undead SephExcellent guide. So glad you managed to crack it.
Posted by Undead Seph on 08 Dec 10 at 01:12
Chicago AJThis didn't work, I got variety at 6, greater variety at 12 and couldn't manage extreme and I had 17 total. I had a couple friends attempt this with the same results. Any idea why?
Posted by Chicago AJ on 08 Dec 10 at 04:40
Chimaera36@Xx Time: No idea - this is the exact method we used - with regards to the counting. Can anyone else confirm this?
Posted by Chimaera36 on 08 Dec 10 at 04:55
Chimaera36@Xx Time: No idea - this is the exact method we used - with regards to the counting. Can anyone else confirm this?
Posted by Chimaera36 on 08 Dec 10 at 04:59
Chicago AJYou wouldn't want to help me get this, would you?
Posted by Chicago AJ on 08 Dec 10 at 06:54
IWillSmokeYou69I've heard people saying that the bonuses don't cross over from round 1 to round 2, therefore making you have to get all 15 bonuses in 4 minutes.
Posted by IWillSmokeYou69 on 08 Dec 10 at 14:35
Chimaera36@IWillSmokeYou69: That was most definitely not the case with us - everybody got it in round 2 as we did not have enough time in round 1. If anybody else posts that this does not work, I'll remove the solution, but I cannot understand why, as this exact (to the numbering) method worked for five of us yesterday...
Posted by Chimaera36 on 08 Dec 10 at 15:45
DragonFangDanI have also heard that it must be done all in one round if you are playing a game type with multiple rounds. Just do a typical Free For All game type and you should be fine.
Posted by DragonFangDan on 08 Dec 10 at 16:49
Kornfan2007The reason people are failing is most likely they are running to their target a lot and it is on chase your target. Most of these will not unlock if that is the case. Don't run around like an idiot :-)
Posted by Kornfan2007 on 08 Dec 10 at 22:43
Chicago AJI tried this again today and got 24 different bonuses in 2 games of Alliance boosting in a private match and in a player match. Extreme Variety STILL did not show up.
Posted by Chicago AJ on 09 Dec 10 at 04:31
CTDMUDRUNNERI did this in wanted with just a few people and got extreme variety no problem. You can be hidin in a bush with both you two bosting partners wait for focus and right of the begging gain about 5+ done right in the begging then it slant hurt to be killed to come back and gain revenge. Didn't find this very hard so didn't think to really elaborate on it. Good guide though and good luk to everyone. If two ppl want to try this in a private game msg me on live and gladly fine a strategy for this.
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 09 Dec 10 at 15:40
ComanderDrizzlethis achivo was a biznach to get but this guy's guide was great! by the way the only thing i was missing was interception... haha :) thanks again dude!
Posted by ComanderDrizzle on 10 Dec 10 at 07:06
SmileyMattThanks for this guide - EV is real tricky to get, but this guide was a great help - and my boosting buddies too of course!
Posted by SmileyMatt on 06 Dec 11 at 22:38
napoearthWhy do the co-op bonuses cause problems?
Posted by napoearth on 26 Mar 12 at 10:59
zr122This is a great solution. I'll be trying this out later.
Posted by zr122 on 04 Apr 12 at 16:45
BevsticlesWorks like a charm ;)
Posted by Bevsticles on 28 Nov 13 at 21:44
Mr FORTY SEVENShould this be done in one round or two in Alliance
Anyone can confirm this and I'll be glad
Posted by Mr FORTY SEVEN on 10 Jan 15 at 14:12