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A Collector's Collector

Unlock all items (weapons, Abilities, Noms de Guerre).

A Collector's Collector0
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A Collector's Collector (50)
Unlock all items (weapons, Abilities, Noms de Guerre). (Secret)

This requires you to unlock all the items that are available in the game. Most Weapons will be unlocked through spinning the Lost Planet 2 Slot Machine, but there are some weapons that have to be unlocked through getting to a high enough level with a certain faction.

This achievement will take a while. If you're going for this, remember to sleep and eat well. Oh and don't forget to feed the cat.

Since all my save data was corrupted and everything was reset including all my noms and character levels, I have given up trying to get this (ridiculously time consuming) achievement, so please don't vote negative because I have not won this achievement.

Anyway, here is a checklist of all the Weapons and Abilities in the game.
All information courtesy of


Machine Gun
Machine Gun II
Energy Gun
Gun Sword
Machine Gun SP
Energy Gun SP
Gun Sword SP

Shotgun II
Shotgun SP
Gold Revolver
Akrid Launcher

Rifle II
Plasma Gun
Plasma Gun II
Rifle SP
Gold Rifle
Plasma Gun SP

Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher II
Hand Cannon
Plasma Cannon
Rocket Launcher SP
Hand Cannon SP
Plasma Cannon SP

Injection Gun
Injection Gun II
V Device
Shield SP
Shield SP II
V Device SP


Hand Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
Buster Grenade
Hand Grenade II
Hand Grenade III

Gum Grenade
Spark Grenade
Chameleon Grenade
Gum Grenade II
Gum Grenade III

Disk Grenade
Grenade Energy Grenade
Disk Grenade II
Disk Grenade III

Dummy Grenade
Balloon Grenade
Dummy Grenade II
Dummy Grenade III

Plasma Grenade
Regen Grenade
Warp Grenade
Plasma Grenade II
Plasma Grenade III


Conserve T-ENG
Fire Power I
Defense I
Melee Attack I
Grenades I
Critical I
Head Start (Ammo)
Head Start (Normal)
Head Start (Gum)
Head Start (Disc)
Head Start (Release)
Head Start (Plasma)
T-ENG Supply
T-ENG Weapon Master I
VS Master I
VS Takedown
Quick Return
Recovery I
Sprinter I
Evasion I
Special Guard I
Points I

Fire Power II
Defense II
Melee Attack II
Grenades II
Critical II
T-ENG Weapon Master II
VS Master II
Recovery II
Sprinter II
Evasion II
Special Guard II
Tough Get Going
Self-Inflicted Injury
Lag Start
Points II

*EDIT* This Achievement requires all Noms De Guerre with the exception of all the noms under the Special category **

There are far too many of these so it would be unneccesary for me to put them here for you. Instead, there is a list over at this link here:

Below is a video showcasing all available Weapons and what they look like, but not Grenades.
redlink13For the achievement, do you need all of the special noms, where you have to have a specific game save for CAPCOM games?
Posted by redlink13 on 08 Apr 11 at 06:34
DevissThis achievement does not require the special noms for capcom game save files. I will add this to the achievement details now.
Posted by Deviss on 11 Apr 11 at 23:58
SM ScorxThis does not look like it's multiplayer or leadership board related, is it?
Posted by SM Scorx on 28 Jun 11 at 12:22
SM ScorxUnfortunately, it is.
The "Number 1" Noms de Guerre requires you to get #1 on the leadershipboards. It's almost impossible to get now, because of cheaters.
Posted by SM Scorx on 20 Jul 11 at 13:34
o MelficeCorrection. There are no cheaters on the leaderboards. Just very persistent players. You only say cheaters because you can't get it yourself :p
Posted by o Melfice on 14 Aug 11 at 09:03
quinnpmcorrection, there is at least 1 obvious cheater on the leaderboards for the first basic training challenge.
Posted by quinnpm on 24 Aug 11 at 04:02
DRAGON REB0RN xits a pathetic achievemnt for 50g. :/
Posted by DRAGON REB0RN x on 11 Oct 11 at 08:49
ReV BlackouTzits not impossible ive been working so hard on it for 3 months now and im not far off just takes around 300-400 hours maybe more if you add all campaign
Posted by ReV BlackouTz on 03 Jun 12 at 22:32
ReV BlackouTzim shaving 0.5-1 second for the NUMBER 1
Posted by ReV BlackouTz on 03 Jun 12 at 22:36
KevinRos99@ o Melfice

LMAO says the one who cheated with the achievments
Posted by KevinRos99 on 20 Dec 12 at 09:24