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Successfully completed 20 Factory requests

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10 Dec 2010
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This was based on a comment from Satin Storm and this is what I did to get it. Thank you!

If you are like me and many others the requests stop comming up a few hours into the game. Once I completed the game I started a new garden and made sure to have $22,000. Because you are starting a new garden you won't have any Pinatas but that's ok. Go to Paper Pets and buy the Cluckles which is the cheapest. Place it in you garden and almost right away you will get a request. Place the crate, pack the Pinata and send him on his way. After the request is done just save and quit then keep doing this until the achievement pops.

Depending on how many you did before doing this it should take around 20-30 mins. Enjoy!
shadowman1 XThis is a good solution But its a lot cheaper to have the hunter get you a whirlworm for $600 coins. After starting the new garden just wait about 15 seconds and the challenge will pop up. good luck. I had 3 gardens at the time I tried this, and after 4 new gardens I got the achievement. So, just start a new garden , then accept the challenge, it will always be a single pinata challenge in a new garden. then just order a whirlworm or wait for one to come complete the challenge and thats it, repeat as needed.
Posted by shadowman1 X on 23 Jan 11 at 20:23