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Asari Ally

Complete the majority of the game with the asari squad member

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After 3 long years of trying to get any of these Ally achievements to pop, I was finally able to get this with the help of my good friend Saft Und Kraft. I'm a list-kind of guy; he provided me with a basic layout and I took it to the next level. SO, here's a list of all MISSIONS and ASSIGNMENTS that need to be completed to get the ASARI ally achievement.

The following MISSIONS I completed before I had Liara in my party. Another important thing to point out is that I'm pretty certain I collected Fist's Datapad before I had Liara in my party. However, I did not turn the datapad into Emily Wong until after I had Liara.

Prologue: Find the Beacon
Citadel: Expose Saren
Citadel: Garrus
Citadel: Wrex

ASARI (Liara) --
Mass EffectAsari AllyThe Asari Ally achievement in Mass Effect worth 59 pointsComplete the majority of the game with the asari squad member

Feros: Colony Saved
Find Liara T'Soni <=START HERE
Noveria: Contamination
Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan
Noveria: Lorik Qui'in
Noveria: Matriarch Benezia
Noveria: Peak 15
Noveria: Quarantine
Noveria: Reactor Repair
Noveria: Reconnect Landlines
Noveria: Rift Station
Noveria: The Hot Labs
Virmire: Saren's Plan (Assault)

Citadel: Asari Conort
Citadel: Dr. Michel (Dr Michel is Safe)
Citadel: Family Matter
Citadel: Homecoming
Citadel: Jahleed and Chorban
Citadel: Negotiator's Request
Citadel: Old Friends
Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy (Received after Virmire, before Illos. Achievement popped when I turned this in)
Citadel: Planting a Bug
Citadel: Presidium Prophet
Citadel: Reporter's Request
Citadel: Rita's Sister
Citadel: Scan the Keepers
Citadel: Schell's Scanner
Citadel: Signal Tracking
Citadel: The Fan
Citadel: The Fourth Estate
Citadel: Xeltan Convinced

Feros: Data Recovery
Feros: Geth in the Tunnels
Feros: Power Cells
Feros: Varren Meat
Feros: Water Restoration

Noveria: Espionage
Noveria: Smuggling

Tali's Pilgrimage

UNC: Asari Diplomacy
UNC: Cerberus
UNC: Colony of the Dead
UNC: Dead Scientists
UNC: Derelict Freighter
UNC: Distress Call
UNC: ExoGeni Facility
UNC: Espionage Probe
UNC: Geth Incursions
UNC: Hade's Dogs
UNC: Hostage
UNC: Hostile Takeover
UNC: Listening Post Alpha
UNC: Listening Post Theta
UNC: Lost Module
UNC: Lost Freighter
UNC: Major Kyle
UNC: Missing Marines
UNC: Missing Survey Team
UNC: Privateers
UNC: Rogue IV
UNC: Sigma 23 (Depot)

Virmire: Assisting Kirrahe's Team
Virmire: Wrex is Dead

X57: Avoid the Blasting Caps
X57: Bring Down the Sky
X57: Missing Engineers

Collection Assignments --
UNC: Asari Writings (
UNC: Locate Signs of Battle (
UNC: Prothean Data Disks (
UNC: Turian Insignias (
UNC: Valuable Minerals (

Race Against Time (Illos)

Citadel: Negotiator's Request
Sindarin EagleJust for the record, this doesn't appear to be based on missions versus assignments, just a total count of the number of things you've finished. I got the achievement after having done only Feros and Therum, but doing every assignment that it's possible to do before going to either Noveria or Virmire (including DLC and collectables). I got Liara as soon as possible (similar to the description above), and then made sure she was always in my party at every possible moment.
Posted by Sindarin Eagle on 12 Feb 12 at 04:18
WithTheDawnIts a little misleading listing the Virmire mission so far up the list, as after you do this and subsequently escape with the Normandy, you are unable to return to the citadel, and there are several missions you can never complete. Other than that, good list.
Posted by WithTheDawn on 13 Feb 12 at 09:38
StumblesMcGeeYeah, I can see how that may be a little misleading. I wanted to group Missions and Assignments separately so that it'd be easier to read. I guess it's implied that you shouldn't leave a planet until all the assignments for that location are completed.

Thanks for the feedback, =)
Posted by StumblesMcGee on 13 Feb 12 at 15:31
BasanakinTo the readers:
I noticed that he didnt wrote down the Missions of Wrex and Garrus. In my case, I was only able to finish Wrexs quest by going back into the normandy. I believe this DID NOT count as a completed sidequest, since this was the last one i was expecting for Ashley.
I also had to use the Bring Down DLC. Im sure that I wouldnt gotten this achievement if I hadnt bought it. The only assignments I didnt do was the negotiators request, and the collecting missions. Basicly everything possible till Ilos (and without the Pinnacle DLC).
I did 55 assigenments. This was my second attempt, but the first time WITH the Bring Down DLC. This caused me to think that this achievement is bugged.
Posted by Basanakin on 10 May 13 at 06:09
StumblesMcGeeBasanakin, I did mention the missions of Garrus and Wrex. They're mentioned above.

Citadel: Garrus
Citadel: Wrex
Posted by StumblesMcGee on 10 May 13 at 13:09
SicklyPlagueI think he means Getting Wrex's armor, dealing with dr saleon for garus and talis pilgrimage.
Posted by SicklyPlague on 05 Jun 13 at 03:31
Claptrap NLDo you need to do everything posted in the guide?
Posted by Claptrap NL on 07 Jan 15 at 22:13
StumblesMcGee@Claptrap NL, it would be in your best interest to do everything posted to ensure your achievement pops. You may not end up doing everything, but it'll be close.
Posted by StumblesMcGee on 09 Jan 15 at 18:50
Moscow TimmyThere doesn't seem to be a consensus on how this achievements is unlocked. I got Liara as soon as possible and kept her in my party the whole game. I even ensured I was on the ground when finishing collectable quests. This did not pop until the final conversation with Saren at the end of the game.
Posted by Moscow Timmy on 04 Dec 16 at 02:54
JimmieWorldAs I don't have any DLCs, I completed without them, still being able to get it before Ilos. My last mission was Negotiators Request. I completed over 50 missions in total. I didn't go for collectibles (I had only the asari collection), and I didn't completed Geth Incursion and Post Alpha quests.
Posted by JimmieWorld on 30 Jul 21 at 05:17