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Keeper of the Lions Passant

Find All of Richard's Flags in the Kingdom.

Keeper of the Lions Passant0
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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter840,123
05 Aug 2008 08 Jan 2013
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You must find all 100 Richard's Flags in the Kingdom.

Note: For one of these flags you will need the Ledge Grab ability, which is received after completing Memory Block 3, so do not start looking for these flags until this ability is given back to you.

Visit for an awesome guide to the Kingdom flags (as well as all other flags) and the Templars.

Please give full credit to FiReStOrM^ for his awesome work and dedication to making this incredible resource.

In case his page goes down again, I have left videos of all 100 Richard's Flags in the Kingdom, credit goes to youtube user TheGameStory
OtisFamilyYep, that site is a great help.

To make it even easier for those who print out the maps and use those, circle specific sections and write down how many Templars and flags are in that area. Take each map one section at a time and you'll get it done. Even if you do find you're missing something, by marking off the sections and counting, you'll know exactly where the missing flag/templar should be.
Posted by OtisFamily on 11 Oct 08 at 15:30
adam2409The first time i tried this i got 99 and then later i randomly remebered one that i mgiht have missed, went back and there it was. Im so glad, especially after getting 499/500 agility orbs on crackdown.
Posted by adam2409 on 08 Dec 08 at 20:28
xJamie92yh be careful wit flag 70 coz when i clicked the pic on the map and went back they ticked it so i thought i did and neva went to look for it lol
Posted by xJamie92 on 12 Jun 09 at 16:09
Fantastic guide, very presice, it helped alot, credit to Firestorm!!!
Posted on 17 Jun 09 at 22:09
Viking WerewolfJust got this one today. Kind of tedious, but definitely worth the points.
Posted by Viking Werewolf on 28 Jun 09 at 05:40
Joe da ImmortalI have gotten 100% in Assassin's Creed before I even got Xbox Live. is the site that I used though, for the flags and templars (except Masyaf) *thumbs up*
Posted by Joe da Immortal on 05 Jan 10 at 23:00
Goukensama is back online.
Posted by Goukensama on 06 Jan 10 at 20:49
Dralunt - Worked with my iPod touch/iPhone. if anyone is doing this and has one.
Posted by Dralunt on 27 May 10 at 21:10
Mike LangloisCan anyone confirm/deny if one of the flags is glitched? I remember hearing one might be glitched.
Posted by Mike Langlois on 06 Jul 11 at 15:40
Crimson DrifterI never had any flags get glitched nor have heard of one glitching (templars are another story), I know that one of the flags though you need the ledge grab ability which is given back after an assassination later in the game.
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 06 Jul 11 at 16:03
OMGWTHBBQBRBcan you get this achievement on the same playthrough even though you have completed it? (can yout still free roam if you've done the main story?)
Posted by OMGWTHBBQBRB on 21 Aug 11 at 15:25
Solario32None of the flags are glitched.
Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 02:58
Dingo SaladYou can go back after completing, and also the Youtube link is broken,
Posted by Dingo Salad on 06 Dec 11 at 18:06
SpieludicaThe Assassin's Creed Maps site is down :(
Posted by Spieludica on 12 Dec 11 at 05:28
The Stik ManThe site is up again.
Posted by The Stik Man on 02 Feb 12 at 17:25
VCS 2600 AtariSince no one has mentioned it yet. You have to complete Memory Block 3 before you get the grab skill you need to the flag in the ruins on top of the pillar.
Posted by VCS 2600 Atari on 15 Aug 12 at 22:43
Crimson DrifterThank you VCS! I've been waiting for someone to give me the exact memory block for that ability. I've added it into the guide, thanks!
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 15 Aug 12 at 22:46
AtomicThumbsThis achievement is a bitch. Took me about four hours to get all 100.
Posted by AtomicThumbs on 14 Sep 12 at 06:07
Demonspitfir99/100 flags and I swear i've got them all... <_< Going back through now 1 flag at a time... oh and flag 56 was a pain in the ass to find.

The one thing I can say about this game that I do not like... Is the fact that while you're searching for flags in kingdom, there is no real ledge guides or building guides on the map to tell you where you are. You just kind of had to guess the whole time. Also the mini-map could have been a lot better.
Posted by Demonspitfir on 15 Nov 12 at 07:23
DemonspitfirWow... Just found Flag 1. It's the last flag... and I missed it because I assumed it was a different cart!
Posted by Demonspitfir on 15 Nov 12 at 07:44
Gunrunner318How are u suppose to find a flag map at ? i go there and nothing pops up other than a sale site....
Posted by Gunrunner318 on 01 Jan 13 at 02:38
Crimson Drifteroh wow, I have no clue. Maybe he finally ditched the site for good? I still have yet to update the videos, but I'll try and update this as soon as I have some free time.
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 01 Jan 13 at 21:09
Gunrunner318@crimsondrifter.well it aint ur fault man im sorry about tha rude comment i know this is a old game i just hope i can complete it by getting those flags and templers somehow but yeah vids would work great but what i would do if u can is have each one like in a sequence thing if possible
Posted by Gunrunner318 on 01 Jan 13 at 21:23
Crimson Drifterokay guys, I'm in the process of updating all flag solutions with guided videos, it seems like the site is still up with maps, but not sure how much longer he will have it up for.

No worries Gunrunner, I didn't take your comment as rude :)
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 08 Jan 13 at 02:18
Gunrunner318@crimson drifter.ok bud thanks and idk why but when i click on tha map site as posted in ur solution itll just go to this sale site ive tried it on my phone and a pc and still tha same but thanks for tha vids ima use em when i get time
Posted by Gunrunner318 on 12 Jan 13 at 08:47
WEBHEAD 7Big help. +1
Posted by WEBHEAD 7 on 26 Jul 13 at 04:03
o BerserkrThat's really weird Gunrunner. It's working great for me as of Oct. 1st, 2013.

Great guide. Looks like I'm going for it a 2nd time on my new tag. I swear I'm crazy.
Posted by o Berserkr on 02 Oct 13 at 04:34
BB rockerJust wanted to help those that go to the site and its down(due to the guy running out of money to maintain it).
You can still get the full site through this link.
Posted by BB rocker on 18 Jan 14 at 02:02
Exia Of War#3 and #4 were so frustrating to get. Not being able to swim in AC1 is just hilariously terrible.
Posted by Exia Of War on 12 Sep 14 at 04:51
Seeker74The site is back up now. I agree with you all, doing this right after you start Block 4 is best because there are a few more guards around but not too many will attack you if you are not riding a horse, aside from the archery tower guys and a few in guard camps.
Posted by Seeker74 on 23 May 15 at 19:26
ReloadRageI'm glad the kingdom is complete. Thanks!
Posted by ReloadRage on 13 Jan 17 at 18:45
Charlie LimaNice videos. Thanks!
Posted by Charlie Lima on 17 Jul 18 at 17:01
Relue117I was stuck at 99 for years. I went through the flag map, in order, twice. I was missing #91. FML. So glad that map exists, though.
Posted by Relue117 on 29 Sep 18 at 22:31
HealttiI'd given up on the completion back in the day after getting stuck with 98 of these things. Now, after 11 yrs I have redeemed myself. This was by far the most frustrating set.

My last two were #62 and #92. Both hidden in plain sight on a rooftop surrounded by identical buildings. I found the former on my first lap, easily. I stumbled upon the latter, #92 that is, while going to double check #95, and I swear I was a hair away from declaring it glitched and starting a new game.

Be extremely methodical on your first go-through, otherwise the architecture will trick you. And if at all possible do a full set in one sitting. The enhanced visuals on 1X help out as well.

Good luck!
Posted by Healtti on 02 Nov 18 at 02:43
hi3gie12Can someone explain how to get flag 40?
Posted by hi3gie12 on 09 Nov 18 at 18:50
FDCODEOFCONDUCT10 years later..#21
Posted by FDCODEOFCONDUCT on 09 Nov 18 at 23:34
MarioTooThis guide was amazing. Thank you so much! Finally got back to finishing this game 12 years later with your help.
Posted by MarioToo on 28 May at 23:34
Stehan1003!/ This is another interactive website for flags and templars that still works.
Posted by Stehan1003 on 08 Jun at 09:41