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Surfs Up

Silver Surfer was unlocked as a playable hero.

Surfs Up+0.1
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a rabid fuzzlea rabid fuzzle240,693
15 Dec 2010 11 May 2012
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1st Costume - Unlocked
2nd Costume - Unlocked after 30 kills
3rd Costume - Unlocked after 175 kills
4th Costume - Unlocked after Sim Mission is complete or 250 kills for DLC Characters

Play through the game once on Normal/easy and unlock as many costumes as you can (1-2 heroes at a time). I went down the roster left to right and got all the way to Elektra on 1 time through the game DO NOT PLAY ANY SIM MISSIONS UNTIL AFTER DOOM IS DEFEATED. This prevents costumes from locking and you needing to start over. After you beat Doom you can warp back to any previous HQ and then play the missions. You only need bronze on every mission to unlock Silver Surfer.

Simulation Disc Locations:

Wrenchworks - Captain America
Project Labs - Wolverine

Iron Man Lab - Iron Man

Temple of Negrete - Mr. Fantastic

Golden Court - Thing
Forbidden Passage - vs Crimson Dynamo

Sanctuary - Dr. Strange

Fake Doom Castle - Mysterio *** (you cannot re-extract back to this location once you leave sub-level)
Big Top - Luke Cage
Maze-O-Death - Elektra

Realm - Blade
Sepulcher - vs Scorpion
Stygian Abyss - Ghost Rider

to Bridge/Bifrost bridge - Storm
to Bridge/Midgard gate - Spider-Man
Camp/Warrior hall - Thor
Asgard City/Grand Hall - Deadpool *** (you cannot re-extract back to this location)
Asgard City/Great Forge - Invisible Woman

Shore of Corpses - vs Shocker
Spire's Ascent - Spider-Woman

Fighter Bay - Iceman
Hyperdrive - vs Ultron
Outer Hull - Ulik

Sky Towers - vs Piledriver
Cityscape - Ms. Marvel, Human Torch
Heights of Progress - vs Dragon Man

Above all: To get this achievement you need to unlock Black Panther and Daredevil by finding 5 of their respective 8 figures in the game. Upon collection of 5 figures for each their simulator mission is immediately unlocked.

I wouldn't recommend playing any of these until after you've finished the game on easy or whatever difficulty you're on to prevent costumes from locking.

To get a few more achievements, don't use the first or the one before this and to the following:

After you have beaten the game on Normal, start a new game on Easy and when it asks you choose "Load game statistics" and load your last save on whatever difficulty you want to load. This will make the Sim missions easier. Now get the rest of the costumes (if you haven't already) and grab all of the discs but do not play the missions until you have beaten the last fight against Doom. This stops the glitch from locking costumes and it makes the Sim missions that much easier because your characters are at least level 45-50. After you get ALL the costumes, play through the simulator missions, saving after bronze or above ON EVERY MISSION (Gold is very easy but you may have to restart a couple of times to get the Golden Age of Comics achievement). If you follow this you'll have unlocked Surfs Up, Golden Age of Comics and Dressed for Success.

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Edit 2/20/11:poordude1089 cannot re-extract to Deapool's disc location
Misfit LenzYou can't go back for Deadpool's disc either, just so your aware.
Posted by Misfit Lenz on 21 Feb 11 at 13:51
Brock M RamboDo Black Panther and DareDevil count towards this one, or not?
Posted by Brock M Rambo on 25 May 11 at 04:03
a rabid fuzzleYes, they count towards it since they are available in all copies of the game.
Posted by a rabid fuzzle on 25 May 11 at 15:26
Brock M RamboThanks for the info, looks like i gotta start another new game now. I was one action figure short with black panther in my second playthrough, but had everything else.
Posted by Brock M Rambo on 26 May 11 at 14:12
ExultraviolenceI agree with mortal wombat3. All my best tactics, and all my best efforts cannot keep poor Dum Dum Dugan from dying, again and again (To the tune of Humpty Dumpty). Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm reasonably certain that completing Spider Man's comic mission would unlock the remainder of the game for me.
Please message me here or on Xbox Live,
Posted by Exultraviolence on 04 May 12 at 00:30