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Sink 3 galleons in a single game of Pirate Wars

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Van UdenVan Uden705,498
03 Jun 2009 04 Jun 2009 04 Jun 2009
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Load up a game of Pirate Wars from the Play menu and sink 3 galleons. In this
mini-game you have 5 lives, each time you get hit by a cannonball you lose one.

There are 4 types of ships in this game who each shoot tennisballs and/or cannonballs at you. Each ship has a different size healthbar, either 1, 2, 3 or 4 hits with a tennisball are required to sink them. The galleons require 4 hits to sink, they start to appear once you have about 5.000 points.

At that time the cannonballs move so fast that you don't have time to line up a normal shot. What worked for me was to position yourself on the serviceline, and moving from left to right and vice versa. If you keep moving you won't get hit.

The trick is to wait till a ship fires 1 or 2 cannonballs and 1 or 2 tennisballs. Since the canonballs move faster you can avoid them and then quickly volley the ball. After the volley get ready to start moving again because chances are a cannonball will be shot towards you again. Using this method it's hard to aim your shots, but at least you stay alive. Keep this up long enough and you will eventually sink 3 galleons.

Before using this method I could barely sink 2 galleons, with this method I managed to get the 3rd all-time score in this mini-game. Practise makes perfect, you will have to learn to anticipate when the ships will fire at you. Ideally you don't want to be in a corner when they start firing since if they shoot right before you turn around you have a chance you will walk into a cannonball.
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a tea tree If anyone's curious, the achievement's called "Arrrrrrr!" I had the easiest time getting it with Federer. Now I have the second place score on this game - right behind Van Uden!

Thanks again.
Posted by a tea tree on 06 Jun 09 at 20:37
k1ss0fd3af im probably gonna struggle on these mini games... jeez level 3 on block buster thats about it lol
Posted by k1ss0fd3af on 27 Jun 09 at 00:30
Van Uden Most of these mini games just require practise, I had the same problem but after enough tries managed to beat level 8 on each and every one of them
Posted by Van Uden on 27 Jun 09 at 03:40
LanEvoIX Hey mate, thanks for the tips, but i found a rather easier method while trying yours. I wont post as a new solution, unless i manage to do a video of it. I`m currently number two with 17k or so, mostly because it gets very boring, but it`s quite possible to pass the number one, which i think has 32k.

All you have to do since you reach the 4k to 5k mark, when they start shooting very fast cannonball towards you, is always hit a running or dive shot. Never try to do a normal shot, cause the ships will aim right where you stand preparing your shot.

When you do this, you will 99.9% of the time be shot at without result, cause they aim where you was, and you are diving out of the way.

And as you say, don`t bother aiming your shots, It`s not easy and you will almost always hit something every time, since the water is filled with ships. The galleons being the bigger ones, most likely is the one that will get hit.

Hope it helps :P
Posted by LanEvoIX on 29 Oct 09 at 23:33
drabik Good tips, but I couldn't quite get it without the running shot technique described by LanEvoIX. Thanks to you both.
Posted by drabik on 02 Nov 12 at 07:54
Im Single Again good tip LanEvoIX but how do we do this running shot ? .
Posted by Im Single Again on 15 Apr 17 at 01:20
Ingen kommentar Yeah i can’t seem to hit any running shots.. my player always stops up to make the shot..
Posted by Ingen kommentar on 06 Dec 17 at 21:31