Kinect Sports Review by Yort9

16 Dec 2010 11 Jan 2011
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If you have young children in the 5-10 year old range I would say this is a perfect game for some family fun. If you don't have kids I say save your money there are probably other more interesting games out there. I have yet to consider playing it without them and I'm always going for achievements but even with many to be had I only have fun playing this with kids.

This was the game we bought along with the Kinect because my 5 year old tried out boxing in the store. Suffice to say he was sold on it at that moment. Overall there is a variety of sports that will satisfy both young boys and young girls. If you are playing with your kids it will be a lot of fun for the family because it keeps everyone engaged and you can easily rotate people in and out.

Some of the sporting events seem to work a little better than others like bowling and the running and long jumping events. The throwing games seem to be a bit more random and I am still having a hard time figuring out how well the tracking works it is also a bit lacking on the instructions on some of the games.

The game is best played in short spurts meaning for an hour or two. It is a highly active game for the most part and you and the kids will work up a sweat. You will too, I would say if you are out of shape take it easy and be careful - you will put in more energy than you will initially realize.

The recurring problems with the game I've seen is a two fold problem. Like with other Kinect games you need space. Then if you have the space because this game is a lot of running and jumping the kids have an issue staying in a proper zone. We've tried to establish a zone by putting things around my 5 year old so he understands better but it is easy for them to get out of the zone and become a bit frustrated. Then as I mentioned with the throwing games it is hard to say if this really works as they intend because with them it seems a bit random how far you throw and with bowling when you pick up the ball sometimes it can be an issue or it loses the detection.

I believe the problems mainly are due to establishing the zone and because with 5-12 years olds they are obviously smaller and I think the camera can lose them much easier. I haven't noticed the issue occuring as much with me since I am 5'9' and much more in control of my movements.

Last but not least I'll touch on why this really isn't a buy for adults without kids. I know the wii was always fun to show off some of those games when friends would come over. And this can be too but the last thing adults seem to want to do especially the wives is jump up and down and work up a sweat when we are hanging out having a drink and what not. And for the guys out there it might be fun for 2 minutes to show the tech but none of the sporting events will draw you in for a prolonged period.

The biggest plus of the game in my mind is the large variety of sports so plenty to do from bowling, to hurdles, soccer and disc throwing. The kids seem to really like different games between them but both enjoy the game very much since they each have 3-4 game types they like. It is also extremely easy for the kids to hop in and out of the game.

Overall a very fun game for the kids and that should be the intended audience and who you should buy the game for.
MasterChiefJossI'm 18 and love this game, so do a lot of my mates, as well as my brother. To say that it is restricted to a certain age range is silly in my opinion, sure if you're a serious 40-something gamer, who's been raised on tetris and space invaders this game might be a little too active for you but it's a fun game for everyone to enjoy. Just be cautious about buying it before you check the space needed, but that's a kinect problem not a kinect sport problem. I'd say your rating of 4/5 is correct as some software glitches are apparent and the game isn't perfect. I just don't know why you're stinging review doesn't match your rating.
Posted by MasterChiefJoss on 26 Dec 10 at 23:03