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Finish on hardest difficulty

Finish the story on the hardest difficulty.

Finish on hardest difficulty0
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WJS OsirisWJS Osiris782,928
16 Dec 2010 01 Apr 2012
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warning... this achievement can be glitchy 4 some..the glitch seems to come from people who play 2 play throughs.. here are some solutions from other sites to help so u hopefully wont have this problem...
1 if playing through for the first time turn auto save off
2 play through the game on hard without turning your console off or reloading a save should only take 3 -- 6 hours.. again with auto save turned off
3 if u have beaten the game on hard with auto save on and still no achieve.. after u are done turn auto save off..worked for some, just not 4 me :(
4 as a last resort go into dashboard and delete all save files and go through again with auto save off.. step 4 worked 4 me as a last resort

if i have missed something or u personally know a better way leave a comment so i can update the solution...

i would write an actual guide to go along with this solution but truly their is no need only hard part were the duals and 4 those just use the shield spell and hope ur allies kick some ass.. just be warned if u are only playing this game on hard the mini games are far harder than they would be on easy... may want to play thru twice 4 that reason alone
xxNiC0L4xxmoaning myrtle doesnt show up when i depulso the noticeboard do you know why
Posted by xxNiC0L4xx on 24 Mar 12 at 21:13
WJS Osirisno sorry man no clue but this game is super glitchy i would check on the forums 4 this game to find out more info bout ur problem
Posted by WJS Osiris on 31 Mar 12 at 23:30
Shadow XBLI don't understand. I started on hard and played 6 hours with auto save off. Didn't even save the game. No achieve.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 25 Aug 13 at 23:55
Shadow XBLfinally got this. Played through after all other achieves were done. Started a fresh game after deleting all other games - did nothing but run through the game in 3:45 - only got the DA team and the tasks you have to do to beat the game, and then it popped.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 02 Sep 13 at 05:34
Eblio+ on that comment Shadow XBL, thumbs up!
Posted by Eblio on 23 Aug 17 at 20:49
Dutch x MonsterUseless guide doesnt add anything to provide a sollution except waste time
Posted by Dutch x Monster on 21 Jun 20 at 19:27
DevinMTGFollow what shadow xbl wrote and this will unlock
Posted by DevinMTG on 25 Jun 20 at 14:01