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Keeper of the Crescent

Find All Flags in Damascus.

Keeper of the Crescent0
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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter840,288
05 Aug 2008 08 Jan 2013
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You must find all flags in the Poor, Middle, and Rich districts of Damascus

Visit for an awesome guide to the Damascus flags (as well as all other flags) and the Templars.

Please give full credit to FiReStOrM^ for his awesome work and dedication to making this incredible resource.

In case his page goes down again, I have left videos of all Saracens flags in all Damascus districts, credit to youtube user TheGameStory.

Videos 1-2 are Poor District.
Videos 3-4 are Middle District.
Videos 5-7 are Rich District.
OtisFamilyYep, that site is a great help.

To make it even easier for those who print out the maps and use those, circle specific sections and write down how many Templars and flags are in that area. Take each map one section at a time and you'll get it done. Even if you do find you're missing something, by marking off the sections and counting, you'll know exactly where the missing flag/templar should be.
Posted by OtisFamily on 11 Oct 08 at 15:30
Posted by mmz41 on 28 Oct 08 at 01:27
CrimsonGaidinNice video and guide. Finally got this stupid achivement so thanks!
Posted by CrimsonGaidin on 23 May 11 at 19:58
Solario32Great video....thanks for sharing.
Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 02:49
TCM666The site is down also the video is down :(
gonna have to do this the old fashioned way!
Posted by TCM666 on 22 Apr 12 at 17:07
matdanThe site is no longer safe to visit. : / And no vidoe either : (
Posted by matdan on 16 May 12 at 13:36
Crimson DrifterGah sorry guys still havent gotten around to ypdating these ill find some vids soon
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 16 May 12 at 21:23
Crimson DrifterFinally got some udpated videos! and looks like the site is still functioning
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 08 Jan 13 at 02:41
matdanThanks completed a while back but thumbs up again.
Posted by matdan on 08 Jan 13 at 03:19
Crimson DrifterAlways appreciated!
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 08 Jan 13 at 03:56
Dingo SaladYou edited this, so I'm changing my vote to positive for you. :)
Posted by Dingo Salad on 08 Jan 13 at 04:17
Crimson DrifterThanks Dingo!
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 08 Jan 13 at 16:30
PRlSTlNEi Seriously think the people that make these videos dont know that we have a pause button... we dont need you to sit there and spin in circles for 5 seconds, grab the flag, and then stand there for another five seconds!!! Holy shit! This is why i buy strategy guides. If i could find one for this game i would not use these damn videos.
Posted by PRlSTlNE on 27 Apr 13 at 03:50
Posted by ReloadRage on 13 Jan 17 at 18:38
Posted by Cnacu6o on 24 Aug 17 at 13:11
MasterTimosA very big thanks to both the person who made these videos and to Crimson Drifter for providing the video links conveniently here on TA.

And to PRlSTlNE I'll say that you need to show some more respect to people who go into all the trouble to bring us these excellent guides! If you couldn't wait for 5 seconds after each flag, you should have gone and bought your imaginary "strategy" guide that would pinpoint the exact location of the flags.
Posted by MasterTimos on 23 May at 12:37