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Escape the crash site

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20 Dec 2010
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You can't miss this one. You get this achievement after completing the tutorial at the beginning of the game. Once you smash the gate and walk out a Harvester will speak to you and you will get this achievement.
MakkerI got it as soon as I started up the game. I bought it on DotW but I think I did the tutorial while it was still a trial. Just an observation for the morbidly curious :-)
Posted by Makker on 03 May 12 at 18:57
Chakaal StarrI seem to have missed it, I am far enough into the game to get 'the trashman' achievement.
Posted by Chakaal Starr on 26 Mar 13 at 23:33
Chakaal Starrit looks like it popped in game, but if I go to the achievements screen on my phone it isn't listed there.
Posted by Chakaal Starr on 26 Mar 13 at 23:36