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Host and complete 10 multiplayer matches on the Mega Lounge map

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21 Dec 2010 30 May 2013
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Start up a match on Mega Lounge/Deathmatch, Duration 1 minute and Kill Limit 10. This can be in Player or Ranked matches, get your friend to search and when he joins quickly press Ready, a count down will begin and then the match will start. Now you either kill him 10 times or he kills you. You don't need to win you just need to Host the match and complete it without you're friend quitting the game.

Personally I boosted this in about an 1-2 hours, once you learn the map and meet up at the same spot after respawning it shouldn't take too long.

If you find this solution to be unhelpful, please tell me why in a comment and I will update it the next time I'm online.
BasanakinI dont think you need to have the most kills...
Posted by Basanakin on 03 Oct 11 at 09:46
XxSpazemxXEdited thanks for the info.
Posted by XxSpazemxX on 23 Mar 12 at 09:36
Fluster ZeroI dont think you have modified this solution enough please keep modifying it
Posted by Fluster Zero on 14 Apr 12 at 22:47
XxSpazemxXWhat information am i missing that you would like to see here?
Posted by XxSpazemxX on 15 Apr 12 at 00:00
XxSpazemxX@DEVINS Updated
Posted by XxSpazemxX on 23 Apr 12 at 16:37
Fluster ZeroCan you add how many matches you did daily because this is such a grind and I'm having trouble figuring out how to do 10 matches, it is equivalent to performing brain surgery using a tube of toothpaste and a plunger.
Posted by Fluster Zero on 13 May 12 at 16:13
XxSpazemxXSure updated.
Posted by XxSpazemxX on 13 May 12 at 16:40