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Ecstasy of Gold

Get gold stars on all primary Vietnam weapons

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21 Dec 2010 23 Dec 2010
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As the achievement reads get 100 kills with ALL PRIMARY Vietnam Weapons. The Weapons are as followed:
Assault: M16 A1, AK 47 and the M14
Engineer: M10, PPSh, and the Uzi
Medic: M60, RPK, and the XM22
Recon: M40, SVD and the M21.
If you need to see how many more kills you need for each weapon go to the Vietnam Menu, Weapons and Stats, then just Click on each weapon and it will tell you how many kills you have for each weapon.

As lord verh says it should take about 2 hours for every weapon so it should take about 25- 30 hours of play time to get the 100 kills for each weapon.
lord verhgreat achievement better then get 20 demolition 2.0 kills
Posted by lord verh on 21 Dec 10 at 20:50
CraziestSockyea i wish they wouldnt have put the Demolition achievement in too
Posted by CraziestSock on 21 Dec 10 at 21:04
tm1985Nice one fella, thanks for the detailed list.
Posted by tm1985 on 22 Dec 10 at 09:38
lord verh@CraziestSock, this really is a good one. It takes around 2 hours for every weapon so you will get this after 25-30 hours. If you want to speed it up, go hardcore. I like non-hardcore better though.
Posted by lord verh on 22 Dec 10 at 10:21
CraziestSock@ Lord Verh Thnks for the update i'll add it! @tm1985 thnks!
Posted by CraziestSock on 22 Dec 10 at 18:39
finallife6thanks for clearifing all the weapons
just i dont want to use the snipers :O
Posted by finallife6 on 23 Dec 10 at 14:21
o Rabiid Hobo oits sating i dont have any kills on any weapons when i just recently got silver star on ak :/
Posted by o Rabiid Hobo o on 23 Dec 10 at 19:20
CraziestSockyea i kno its being glitchy as to showing the stats i kno i have almost 50 kills with my Rpk and they didnt show up so i hope they fix the stat tracking soon
Posted by CraziestSock on 23 Dec 10 at 19:46
o Rabiid Hobo ojust been fixed :)
Posted by o Rabiid Hobo o on 23 Dec 10 at 19:53
o Rabiid Hobo ojust been fixed :)
Posted by o Rabiid Hobo o on 23 Dec 10 at 19:57
CraziestSockok i hope it stays tht way
Posted by CraziestSock on 23 Dec 10 at 20:01
OMDizzyGood to know Mr.Sock. Can't wait to pick this DLC up.
Posted by OMDizzy on 24 Dec 10 at 17:09
CraziestSockO is it worth it. A little tip tho is u might want to start with the snipers. It seems like a lot of newer people are starting to play and that means easy headshots and kills!
Posted by CraziestSock on 24 Dec 10 at 17:15
BUDY2If your having issues with your stats not showing up simply join a game and quit back to the menu, your stats will show up properly now.
Posted by BUDY2 on 24 Dec 10 at 19:33
El BuczA hint for sniper weapons - try to get your kills in HardCore mode, one shot - one kill.
Posted by El Bucz on 29 Dec 10 at 00:26
lord verhand play a little offensive
Posted by lord verh on 30 Dec 10 at 10:40
BegFourMercyThis is a terrible solution. It tells you nothing on how to boost it.
Posted by BegFourMercy on 31 Dec 10 at 08:51
Sneaky G WizardI actually disagree with you totally begfourmercy. You've been told exactly what to do to get the achievement, boosting is actually more difficult and time consuming than just playing the game. It's an awesome game and you will get these achievements, don't make yourself look a fool in public.

Demolition achievement was a bit silly I agree guys, not something you'd get casually, i had to dedicate myself to it online to get it.
Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 31 Dec 10 at 12:54
lord verhI agree with Wizard, if you were not completely focused on getting demolition kills it would have taken an eternity, now 10-20 hours of pure c4 madness, got +125 c4 kills,
Posted by lord verh on 31 Dec 10 at 13:32
CraziestSockDear BegFourMercy, Why the hell should I put in my solution on how to boost? I mean Seriously? If you cant figure out how to boost with out me holding your hand the whole way what is the point of you even playing the game? Oh and BTW thanks alot for the negative feedback your a real douche!
Posted by CraziestSock on 31 Dec 10 at 15:56
SmedsWow, this site is just full of dickweeds lately. Great guide CraziestSock, it clears up (for those who don't know) that you won't need the M1A1 Tommy and the M2 Flamethrower.
Posted by Smeds on 02 Jan 11 at 07:19
lord verhI myself was afraid that the Garand was required, and 1943 counts for veteran status since like a few weeks
Posted by lord verh on 02 Jan 11 at 16:18
CraziestSock@ o Smeds o anytime @ lord verh imo i dont think it would include them because they were in the game since it came out so idk
Posted by CraziestSock on 02 Jan 11 at 16:28
That SpreadBegFourMercy, what's the point of buying a 1200 point add on, then instead of playing it properly and getting your money's worth and having some fun you want to boost? just pointless. Like others have said you can easily get these without boosting, I've managed to gold at least one or two weapons a day since I got it, getting anything between 15-30ish kills in squad deathmatch, it really isn't hard.
Posted by That Spread on 03 Jan 11 at 14:05
CraziestSockThnks AC CrossFire for putting that in a good point of View
Posted by CraziestSock on 03 Jan 11 at 16:46
lord verhgot 1200 kills the first three days this was out, took me some hours of sleep but it was worth it, also on the leaderboards for this one!
Posted by lord verh on 04 Jan 11 at 20:59
Posted by CraziestSock on 04 Jan 11 at 21:28
finallife6i should mention that if your struggling with sniper kills theres always hardcore as any where its a one shot kill just you can die easier
Posted by finallife6 on 07 Jan 11 at 06:16
IQwzThis DLC is amazing! Best 1200 MS points I have ever spent! Im going to enjoy getting this achievement :)
Posted by IQwz on 07 Jan 11 at 06:19
IQwzAlso, would I be right in saying this will be quicker on squad deathmatch?
Posted by IQwz on 07 Jan 11 at 06:20
CraziestSockIdk. if you play it and u find out it is lemme know ok?
Posted by CraziestSock on 07 Jan 11 at 18:18
lord verhthe sniper could be easier on squad deathmatch, if you can concentrate. Rush is will most likely be easier because you know where to look at, everyone just hunts for other players with squad deathmatch so it depends wheter you are a good shot!
Posted by lord verh on 07 Jan 11 at 20:05
CraziestSockvery true
Posted by CraziestSock on 07 Jan 11 at 20:17
PropaneSalesProaaaaaaaah!!!!!! the 2 semi auto snipers suck, i suggest using lightweight and magnum ammo, and just go close ranged....
Posted by PropaneSalesPro on 28 Jan 11 at 01:48
CraziestSockor better yet just go to hardcore and it makes things easier :)
Posted by CraziestSock on 28 Jan 11 at 02:16
Sir Stratsavvybegformercy is a total ass. y would u boost for the silver/gold stars? thats the FUN OF IT. the ONLY achieve i boosted for was demo man and thats because i am a 41 and only had 10 legit 2.0 kills. it was simply not fun to try to get 2.0 kills and have to set up a crap ton of c4 only to get killed before i could trigger or for someone else to demo the building first.
Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 01 Feb 11 at 05:17
CraziestSockyea i agree that he is an ass and the the demo man was the only achievement worth boosting for this game. i mean im having lots of fun with the vietnam expansion and if you dont well then i dont know what to say
Posted by CraziestSock on 01 Feb 11 at 17:23
AL1If you're a mediocre at best BFBC2 player (like me) I definitely recommend saving the AK47, PPSH & XM22 until the end. You will hate life through some of the other weapons (boosting sniper rifles FTW!), but you'll breeze through the end with those 3 guns because all 3 are sweet as hell.
Posted by AL1 on 11 Feb 11 at 10:23
i5centThank you for this solution. I was trying to knock the M1 Garand out of the way early, and that was the closest I ever came to throwing a controller. At least I know now that I don't have to get the last 40 or so kills I need for that gold star.
Posted by i5cent on 15 Jun 11 at 21:23
SirSnipesYoui am good to boost if anyone still needs these i have a few friends and we are going to start up a lobby either Thrusdayor friday. just send me a messgae on live GT: SirSnipesYou
Posted by SirSnipesYou on 21 Jul 11 at 03:36
Mr DuckCheers for the guide
Posted by Mr Duck on 26 Jul 11 at 06:46
CrankyBauer24Just got it 20 minutes ago did 8 guns legit and 4 boosting glad its out of the way
Posted by CrankyBauer24 on 06 Aug 12 at 15:18