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Employed a Weedling

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21 Dec 2010 21 Dec 2010
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Before you're able to hire a Weedling you must first reach level 14, once you've reached level 14 a short video which will introduce you to the Weedling character will play.

To hire one you'll need to visit Arthur's Inn, once you've hired one the achievement will unlock straight away.

Lastly, you're awarded experience in this game each time you achieve a feat, for example, the first time a Whirlm visits your garden, or growing a daisy to full maturity, gaining experience in this game is easy, there's plenty of awards out there for you to complete and earn yourself some experience. The small daisy in the top right corner of your screen represents your current level, the number in the middle being your current level and the petals around it being your progress toward the next level.