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Master Sour Tower

Tower of Sour has 6 pieces

Master Sour Tower0
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22 Dec 2010 27 Feb 2012
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For this achievement you'll need upgrade your Sour Tower so that it has 6 pieces, you do this by either smashing a sour piñata once it's visited your garden, if you choose to do it this way you'll have to pay for your sour tower upgrade, alternatively you can try and turn the sour piñata into a normal piñata, if you do this the tower upgrade will be free.

There are a total of 8 sour piñatas in the game, here's a list of them and what they need to turn into a normal piñata;

Shellybean; Needs to eat an apple seed
Sherbat; Needs to eat a Jack O' Lantern
Profitamole; Needs to eat a red flutterscotch, you'll also need 2 mushrooms in your garden
Mallowolf; Needs to eat a Pigxie
Macaracon Needs to eat a Cluckles, you'll also need to have 5 master romancer awards
Crowla; Needs to consume a bottle of medicine, you'll also need a bird bath in your garden
Cocoadile; Needs to eat 1 Sweetooth and 2 Swananas, you'll also need at least 160 Pinometers (16% of your garden) as water
Bonboon; Needs to lose in a fight against either a Sryupent a Twiggersnap or a Fourheads

For more information on the sour piñatas please see here;, you'll find all the information you should need there.

Below you'll find videos which show you examples of these methods and of the sour piñatas changing.

* Credit to AnInsaneGuy for the videos
Zen VendettaYou have shellybean and sherbat the wrong way round
Posted by Zen Vendetta on 27 Feb 12 at 17:51
TheOnlyMattoi smashed one of the sours and it hasnt appeared in the shop. how long does it take, if you can remember?
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 03 Apr 19 at 14:48
If someone has the Sherbat, could someone please trade me one, I think I might have permanently made this animal unobtainable because I killed it instead of giving it resident.
Posted on 15 Apr at 05:45