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TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall.

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24 Dec 2010
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Since I just got this achievement, I can say that doing the cases is an absolute waste of time. You’re literally wasting time doing them, when you should instead just work on this achievement and this achievement only. Well, maybe Census Taker also.

For starters, only do this once your level 50 and have the Real Mega Buster. This makes it much easier to have your 3 books, a queen or two, some food to give any survivor that’s low on health, your two weapons, and the rest up to your play style. Playing the game and using multiple playthroughs like I did, you will get very familiar with the game and know it’s layout inside and out.

A few things that I haven’t really seen on other guides, while searching on the net:
Do you have to complete Overtime Mode? No
Do you have to get Ending A? No
Do you have to complete all cases? No
How few cases do I need to complete? 6 (my journey anyways)

It’s very simple. Use the Medicine Run…exploit. I won’t say glitch, because technically it isn’t. Once you get to the 7th case (2-3: Medicine Run), your case wasting is over. The game never comes to an end, as long as you don’t give the medicine to Jessie. Brad (even on his death bed), will be counted as a survivor in the survivor chart at the end of the game. So will Barnaby.

But doing this, you cannot save Simone or Isabela. This leaves you with 52 survivors to help. So you can have two accidental deaths and still be ok. But just get all 52 to be safe. Using a survivor chart I found online, I was able to plan out my routes to take in maximizing my survivor count.

This is what I used. But I will admit that their not 100% accurate on the times. A few different times are off by an hour or so. Nothing to major however. Here’s how I did my first day (obviously everyone’s run-throughs are different):

1. Save Natalie and Jeff
2. Do first 4 cases ASAP
3. Save Bill, bring back to Paradise Plaza
4. Deal with Kent’s BS (don’t kill him obviously because of Tad on 3rd day)
5. Return Bill to SR
6. Wait by Leisure Park doors in Paradise Plaza until 6
7. At 6 pm, deal with the Convicts and return Sophia to the SR
8. Save Aaron, Burt and Leah in one trip to SR
9. At 9 pm, head to Wonderland and deal with Adam to get your chainsaw(s)
10. Follow Greg to get your shortcut. Use it and then immediately use it again back to Wonderland
11. Set waypoint for Greg, or bring him with you to the Japanese tourists
12. Take all 3 to the SR
13. Run to North Plaza and kill Cletus and then save David
(You need Cletus dead for Brett, Jonathan, and Alyssa to spawn there on September 21, 12:00am)
14. Wait til 6am for case 2-1
15. Head to Entrance Plaza to “kill” Carlito
16. Get your Medicine Run case and your freedom.

Just start planning accordingly your routes and who to take when. Just keep in mind, you can never be late for Kent if you want Tad.

And of course as already mentioned: SAVE OFTEN!!!
MakkerxZer0ex is right about planning. This guide is great for info on survivors but won't tell you what to do and where to go so you do have to plan that yourself. I also ran alternate saves between hard drive and memory unit JUST IN CASE.

I'll add some observations though ultimately it comes down to what you feel comfortable in doing.
When you follow Brad to Barnaby collect Bill straight away. You're in Entrance Plaza so it'll save you an extra trip.
While escorting Aaron, Burt and Leah I killed the convicts and grabbed Sophie as well, again to save on some backtracking.
The linked guide is wrong about the appearance time for Paul Carson (Long Haired Freak). He's appeared at 5am 3 times in my game.

When you get to 12am on the 21st you have 5 survivors available for killing Sean the cult leader in Movieland, 3 in the hunting shop if you killed Cletus on day 1 and Gil in the Food Court. I'd advise going to Movieland first follwed by Gil in the food court. This leaves you with only 3 active survivors (in the hunting shop and they're sealed in with guns so they're safe) so when you get a call about Paul Carson you have plenty of time to deal with him.

Let me clarify about Kindell too. He APPEARS at about the time of Case 5-1 but he's not dependent on any case files. I stopped at Case 2-1 and I found him shortly after 12am on the 21st when I went to get the 3 in the hunting shop.
If you're quick you can grab Kindell, the 3 in the hunting shop and still make it to Paul Carson to get him as well as Mandy and Debbie (and if you're particularly adventurous, Gil from the food court too). I decided to sacrifice Kindell, do Movieland at 12am, then Gil and finally Paul, Mandy and Debbie.

By the time I had 51 survivors (I did the Kent psycho missions to get Tad as I need his entry in the notebook) I had a little over 23 game hours left to wait for the chopper but I was never stretched for time with this guide.
Posted by Makker on 10 Mar 11 at 16:47
BloodngunsMrphyAfter NUMEROUS times trying to fit the stupid twins, Gordon, Ronald, and Susan into case 3-1 and following two different guides, I'm gonna forgo Transmissionary and take this advice. pos'd
Posted by BloodngunsMrphy on 04 Dec 11 at 07:09
KloxiconAwesome solution! I was trying to get the transmissionary and the saint achievements on the same playthrough, I got the transmissionary, over wrote my save and messed up. I thought I was going to have to do it all over again but thanks to your solution I didn't have to. A+ two thumbs way up.
Posted by Kloxicon on 26 Feb 13 at 03:49
joeboomersWaiting at the helipad right now for this cheevo. I used this guide completely, then <-- this one for the rest of the survivors. The 2nd guide doesn't stop doing cases until chapter 5 or 6 so some of the stuff is different (like going after Barnaby), but it was essential for me in planning who to grab.
Posted by joeboomers on 02 Jan 14 at 11:06
Darkness727420Question, do I need to actually get the medicine? Or just get the case and let it run down?
Posted by Darkness727420 on 14 Jun 17 at 04:25
Zer0eIf I recall, just getting to the case is all you need. Just don't talk to Brad, or Jesse. Been awhile lol
Posted by Zer0e on 15 Jun 17 at 01:08