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The Completist

Secret achievement.

The Completist0
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Izzy of AlbionIzzy of Albion619,969
01 Jan 2011 01 Jan 2011
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I would recommend Soulja Boy Tell 'em - Crank That / Chamillionaire - Ridin' for this achievement.

Even on Expert, the speed is still pretty slow, and the scratches are as simple as it gets. It's pretty heavy on taps, so the "Tapmaster" deck (or whatever it's called) is a good bet for a great score. It's also pretty easy to get rewinds, and remember to use them. They can greatly boost your score.

I am no master at this game (I usually play on medium), and I maxed out the star meter, i.e way past 5 stars, on my first try, very easily.

Then it's just a case of repeating at each difficulty level.
AM StangI too play on medium and I was able to get it first try on Expert by following what you said, thanks!
Posted by AM Stang on 20 Jan 11 at 01:39
FrogTheWarriorSame as above, good solution.
Posted by FrogTheWarrior on 14 Apr 11 at 16:38
EndodroidSame as the 2 above, I struggle on hard but this was a piece of cake on expert! Thanks very much!
Posted by Endodroid on 06 Feb 12 at 23:29
madmax1698Going to try this right now!
Posted by madmax1698 on 21 Oct 12 at 12:17