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Tonic Collector

Collect or Invent 53 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks.

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SneezeSomeMilkSneezeSomeMilkThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
03 Jan 2011 20 May 2018
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First of all, there are only 53 Tonics in the whole game, so you have to get every single one.

UPDATE: 2018-05-20
1. There are different statements regarding the DLC Tonics counting towards this achievement. It seems to be like this:
-> Ultimate Rapture Edition: the DLC Tonics have regular prices (more than 1 Adam) and they do NOT count for the achievement. Xbox One always upgrades your game to his edition!
-> Regular Edition with free DLC: the DLC Tonics cost 1 Adam and they do count for this achievement

For your own safety, try to get all the original tonics. Let us know in the comments what worked or didn't work for you so we can track this down.

2. I've marked the tonics that people claimed to be missable. Unfortunately I can't tell you at what point these become unobtainable as I haven't played this game for such a long time. I got them all in one go, so I'd say they are hard to miss if you watch out for them.

Original Story:
-9 are earned as Research rewards
-8 can be bought from Gatherers Gardens
-3 can be Invented at U-Invent
-3 are earned as Gifts for rescuing Little Sisters (you need all 18 to be saved)
-the other 30 are scattered throughout the whole game (check if you got them all before leaving a level to minimize backtracking)

I will now list the tonics in order they appear in the game:

Welcome to Rapture:

Medical Pavilion:
-Hackers Delight
-Wrench Jockey
-Speedy Hacker
-Static Discharge
-Security Expert
Buy at Gatherers:
-EVE Link
-Armored Shell 1

Neptunes Bounty:
-Medical Expert
-Shorten Alarms
-Wrench Lurker
-Focused Hacker
Gatherers: -Extra Nutrition

Smugglers Hideout:

-Security Evasion (missable)
-Hacking Expert
Gatherers: -Human Inferno

Farmers Market:
-EVE Link 2
-Photographers Eye

Fort Frolic:
-Alarm Expert
-Extra Nutrition 2 (missable)
-Medical Expert 2
-Electric Flesh
-Frozen Field
Gatherers: -Hacking Expert 2

-Frozen Field 2
-Security Evasion 2
-Damage Research
-Shorten Alarms 2 (missable)
Gatherers: -Wrench Lurker 2

Rapture Central Controll:

Olympus Heights:
-Clever Inventor
-Electric Flesh 2
Gatherers: -Speedy Hacker 2

Apollo Square:
-Medical Expert 3
-Focused Hacker 2

Point Prometheus:
-Safecracker 2
-Alarm Expert 2
-Hackers Delight 3
-Damage Research 2
Gatherers: -Human Inferno 2

Proving Grounds:


Research Rewards:
-Scrounger (Leadhead Splicer Level 2)
-Static Discharge 2 (Leadhead Splicer Level 4)
-Sportboost (Thuggish Splicer Level 2)
-Sportboost 2 (Thuggish Splicer Level 4)
-Natural Carmouflage (Houdini Splicer Level 2)
-Extra Nutrition 3 (Spider Splicer Level 4)
-Photographers Eye 2 (Rosie level 2)
-Security Expert 2 (Security Bot Level 2)
-Wrench Jockey 2 (Bouncer Level 2)

Little Sisters Gifts:
-Safecracker (after 6 saved Sisters)
-Armored Shell 2 (after 12 saved Sisters)
-Profilic Inventor (after 18 saved Sisters)

U-Invent (credit to HolyHa1fDead)
-Hackers Delight 2

maps of all Tonics
Myupyoni'd want to add, that the 1 adam download plasmids count towards this, too. i got this achievement in apollo square, before heading to point prometheus.
Posted by Myupyon on 06 Feb 11 at 19:47
AutomaticOcelotJust a quick note since you don't have the U-Invent ones on this list yet. :)
Hackers Delight 2
Posted by AutomaticOcelot on 04 Jun 11 at 04:29
I believe you are missing one Gather's Garden Tonic. You said there are 8, but only list 7.
Posted on 13 Aug 11 at 16:20
Solario32Your solution was such a huge help.
Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 16:11
DillionDayGreat solution!!!
Posted by DillionDay on 05 Nov 11 at 21:54
IQwzIt doesn't say in the guide anywhere that Shorten Alarms 2 is missable. I just played through the whole game and was collecting tonics and audio diaries at the end, and I can't get back to this. Its in the core and the lift is disabled.
Posted by IQwz on 02 Dec 11 at 04:57
IQwzI just read somewhere that it can be purchased for 50 ADAM at Gatherer's Gardens in certain levels?
Posted by IQwz on 02 Dec 11 at 05:26
o0ArA0oI think you missed to mention that you can buy Armored Shell 1 at the Gatherers Garden in Medical Pavillion. Not a missable one, but for completion ;).
Would also solve the problem of Chrono with the 8 Tonics mentioned but only 7 listed.
Positive vote -
Posted by o0ArA0o on 27 Jan 12 at 10:25
SneezeSomeMilk@o0ArA0o: i added that, thanks guys
Posted by SneezeSomeMilk on 27 Jan 12 at 19:12
DemonDuffehFor me security evasion is missing and not where it should be any idea where it might of moved to or if i got a glitch??
Posted by DemonDuffeh on 23 Mar 12 at 15:47
Grotesque FiendI didn't pick up the plasmid or tonic whatever it was, after finishind Sander Cohen's masterpiece. Was this one vital, for the achievement?
Posted by Grotesque Fiend on 10 Aug 12 at 10:09
VigormasterThere is the DLC, "The Protector Trials," which gives you additional tonics that can make getting this achievement so much easier because instead of getting tonic in the game, you can miss few and still get 53. You still have to go through the game with the intention of collecting tonics, but don't worry if you miss one or two.
Posted by Vigormaster on 11 Aug 12 at 15:30
UnafraidAverageWhen should the achievement pop up I've downloaded the doc, rescued all sisters, fully researched, invented and brought all tonics.... I've gathered a lot as well, just didn't want to go into the final fight then realise I missed one.....
Posted by UnafraidAverage on 26 Feb 13 at 08:24
themegamancaveIt's important to note that Extra Nutrition 2 is missable. I've completed the Cohen quest but the locked area to get that tonic is still blocked off, HELP!
Posted by themegamancave on 06 Apr 13 at 16:05
llDurbinll@themegamancave- I'm having the same issue, but on the korean version of the game. I've played the american and jap versions back to back and I had no issues but now I am.
Posted by llDurbinll on 28 Apr 13 at 06:49
MoistXenoOk, so I have 51 Tonics and missed the second two earned from saving all of the Little Sisters. I also have the four DLC Tonics.

The achievement has not popped so I'm going to venture out and say the DLC Tonics do not count towards the total for the achievement.
Posted by MoistXeno on 07 May 13 at 14:24
Impdaddyzer0I have to agree with GunnyMo. I have 51 of the 53 regular Tonics, and 5 (yes 5) DLC tonics (Machine Buster 1 & 2, Vending Expert 1 & 2, and Eve Saver), for a total of 56 Tonics, and the achievement hasn't popped yet. Maybe it was patched at some point?
Posted by Impdaddyzer0 on 08 May 13 at 16:36
NMANOZI can confirm the DLC tonics do count, I got the achievement after the Focused Hacker 2 in Apollo Square.
Posted by NMANOZ on 08 Oct 13 at 04:34
Jorge TrajanoIm only missing 2 achievs on this game but it's pretty sad that i will have to play it again just to get them, for this one i'm missing 2 tonics, and i wasted all my adam without realising at the end of the game, now i cant get them, the other one is the research, the only thing left for me to research are cameras and even tho i'm 1 bar off for the achievement, there are no more cameras for me to research i destroyed or hacked some of them :(
Posted by Jorge Trajano on 11 Dec 13 at 09:17
HolyHalfDeadYour solution only lists 50 tonics. You have not listed the 3 that can be invented at U-Invent. They are Bloodlust, Boozehound and Hackers Delight 2.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 12 Jan 14 at 11:00
xDaffAs Holy said, the U-Invent ones haven't been mentioned. Any change you could add them? Found the solution very useful.
Posted by xDaff on 28 Apr 14 at 20:06
Mister BudsI just went through the game and after buying my last tonic at a Gatherer's Garden the achievement didn't unlock. I went to a Gene Bank and checked to find that I had all 53. This happened to me years ago, as well, which is why I didn't have the achievement in the first place.

So I downloaded the DLC, loaded up my latest save, bought the DLC tonics/plasmids and with all of those it unlocked!
Posted by Mister Buds on 21 Jul 14 at 14:37
TulsaFanUgh I have all tonics including DLC and no cheeve.. Course.. Only achievement left.. Guess I gotta start all over again rollrollroll
Posted by TulsaFan on 09 Sep 14 at 22:18
Kovy88One thing that is worth mentioning is that the basic tonics like Shorten Alarms 1 and Eve Link 1 are not available late in the game at the Gatherer gardens, you have to backtrack to Arcadia and buy them there.
Posted by Kovy88 on 10 Dec 14 at 16:07
Uncle UngleI had followed this guide along with a visual provided by NTA on youtube. When I had gotten to point promethius, I decided to go to the Gatherer Gardens and buy the DLC tonics before looking for any of the tonics in Point Promethius. For some reason after I bought all the tonics the achievement unlocked when I still had to collect like 5-6 more.
Posted by Uncle Ungle on 07 May 15 at 12:03
AbyssArtorias85just to mention that dlc tonics do count,i got my cheevo before the last four tonics
Posted by AbyssArtorias85 on 04 Jun 16 at 19:28
Dresden N7I played the game with the "Ultimate Rapture Edition" installed and the DLC tonics (whose adam cost was increased as well) did not count towards the 53 total. I wonder if they only count if you play the standard edition of the game with the free DLC installed but not the Ultimate Rapture Edition.
Posted by Dresden N7 on 09 Jul 17 at 23:42
Musikfreak007Playing on XBO with a standard Bioshock disc and the Ryam Plasmid DLC. XBO gave me the "Ultimate Rapture Edition" seemingly for free. Playing the game, the DLC tonics/plasmids were not 1 Adam, but were 20, 50 etc. and they DID NOT count toward this achievement. However, my achievement popped when I collected the final non-DLC tonic.
Posted by Musikfreak007 on 03 Jan 18 at 04:22
IZZY MELIyep just bought last DLC tonic for 1 point and achievement popped, lucky because I havnt been saving the little sisters
Posted by IZZY MELI on 20 May 18 at 03:55
SneezeSomeMilkThanks for all the input. I have updated the guide with the latest input. If you have anything to add just let us know.
Posted by SneezeSomeMilk on 20 May 18 at 08:31
L4D Pills Hereyou don't mention anything about Winters Blast, do i have to buy it? can i find it for free?, theres a few not mentioned
Posted by L4D Pills Here on 24 Jun 18 at 21:00
L4D Pills HereI removed it.
Posted by L4D Pills Here on 25 Jun 18 at 16:41
SneezeSomeMilk@L4D Pills Here: The reason Winter Blast is not mentioned here is simpe: it is a Plasmid. And not a Tonic. This achievement is only for Tonics.
Posted by SneezeSomeMilk on 25 Jun 18 at 16:51
MeowwhWhy is nitro splicers not on it?? I Cant make the achievement work for its research
Posted by Meowwh on 06 Jan at 12:41
SneezeSomeMilk@Meowwh: Not sure what you mean. Nitro Splicer is an enemy type. This achievement is for tonics.
Posted by SneezeSomeMilk on 06 Jan at 12:49
Yeah sorry I mean my achievement for researching the nitro wont unlock only realized you don't get tonics from the research on nitros but also my tonic one wont unlock even tho I have all of them, so 3 achievement I cannot get
All tonics
Max research
Nitro research
Posted by Meowwh on 09 Jan at 12:41
fighterx93chippThey’re not missable. You can buy them later on according to the wiki page.
Posted by fighterx93chipp on 21 Feb at 02:48