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Caprakan Defeated

Defeat Caprakan

Caprakan Defeated0
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04 Jan 2011
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The first of four "mask" bosses, found at the end of the Moccoi Ruins. He establishes the pattern of a two-phase boss fight.

When the cut-scene is over, run to the left in-between the bars while the Majin chills and acts as bait for the spider. You'll want to get to the end of the platform and swipe the spider on its red spot on the butt a few times, so that it gets angry and turns around. Be very careful not to fall off the edge when you're doing this! You won't get hurt, but it's a long way back up. When he turns his face to you, whack that a few times until he gets angry and starts backing up. That's your cue to have the Majin act the "use" command (RT-X) on the hanging object in the center of the room. He'll automatically use wind on it and knock the boss the ground. If you're quick about it, this will all occur before the boss has time to finish charging up his big purple attack for the first time.

As soon as you see the object connect with the spider, jump to the ground. You won't get hurt, and the ladder takes far too long. Quickly run up to the red mask on the boss' face and whack away until you hear something shatter, and the boss gets back up. Run to the ladder and repeat this entire sequence, starting on the right side instead of the left. If you've been reasonably fast, you should only need to down the boss twice in this first phase before breaking off the covering of his mask.

After the cutscene, continually dodge amongst the boss' feet while striking him as much as possible. You need to damage him to throw him off balance, but more importantly you need to make sure the Majin's power gauge stays topped off. When you see the boss precariously rear up on his legs and hear the Majin say something like "He's off balance!", Have the Majin use wind (RB-X). He'll blow the boss over, exposing the hard, unpunchable mask on his rear end. Command the Majin to "use" the object that fell to the floor, then command the majin to attack the mask on the boss. Lather, rinse, repeat. You should only have to have the Majin strike the boss twice with the mask, then if you're anywhere near you'll get the "B" command prompt to perform a finishing attack.