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Ultimate Lightning Power

The Majin's "lightning" ability rises to maximum

Ultimate Lightning Power+0.1
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After getting the Lightning power (see Lightning Majin in Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom), you must find the 3 small lightning fruits and give them to the Majin.

Dudurga Ash Desert: Ko'da Naval Equipment Warehouse
This is on the roof area of the building. Get the elevators working by charging the station, then take the Majin up then down the elevators. From there, go through the tunnel around to the back of the building. Boost up to the ladder and grab the fruit. You should also lower the elevator, as you will return for the fire fruit here later.

Dudurga Ash Desert: Gragache Ravine Dig Site
You will need the flame power to get this. Get the Majin to the upper area. Use the flame power to break the incendiary crates. Then have the Majin bend the iron bars. Go in and grab the fruit. (I may have got this mixed up with the stamina fruit here. If so, then the other fruit is in the forge at the end of the tunnel. Just have the Majin keep eating flames as you go through, then eat the forge's flames.

Tanay Mafta Mine City: Tanay Mafta City
First you need to get power to the elevators. Take the charge unit to the power station in the north east corner. Have the Majin charge it and it should arc to the power station. From there go and lower the elevator. Go up with the Majin. There are two whip soldiers there. Use wind on the one in front of the fruit to stun it. Then either knock it off the walkway or just grab the fruit and run.