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Reach Level 50 (Multiplayer Only).

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CYDude 808CYDude 808171,342
06 Jan 2011 01 May 2012
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***If you vote negative, please comment as to why, it's my first guide, so constructive criticism is appreciated. ***

I no longer have this game, so I can't help you boost, sorry.

Stun Boosting

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You must get 650000XP to reach level 50.

For a breakdown of the math of this method, check the comments below.

Credit goes to: The mystery people who told ToughICNJ24 who in turn told me about it. Also Floppy Chong, ultimatedra, xKarxFreddy, and several others who helped me prove it worked. Also Zacry072 for his poison tip!

The simplest method to boost XP in AC: Brotherhood is to have 6 people enter an Alliance (unlocked at level 5) game in Player mode.

At the start of the game EVERYONE runs to a central location, then you divide in to two groups of three, with one person from each team per group. Lock on to the person chasing you, and stun. Then the person you're chasing stuns you, and is in turn stunned by the person you stunned. It works out to two triangles of people just punching the crap out of each other nonstop for an entire round. At the start of round two run back to the exact same spot, and now comes the hard part....knock out the person who knocked you out in round one. Yep, that's honestly the hardest part...but really, the entire method consists of lock on, push B, get up, push B, get up, push B, repeat ad nausea.

A few tips for making this go smoothly, at level 27 Resistance unlocks which reduces your knocked out time from 5 to 3 seconds, making this method even quicker. DO NOT use disguise, morph, firecrackers or anything else that can break lock because it slows everyone down. Mute is okay, I personally thought smoke bombs screwed up the rotation, because that second you are coughing is a second that affects everyone. Keep your fingers off the X button, as an inadvertent kill will cost your fellow booster about 900 points given re-spawn and return trip times.

NEW TIP: Zacry072 brought to my attention that @ lvl 29, all players could equip Poison and the x2 bonus for 5 contract losses. Near the very end of each round (approx. :15 seconds left), break lock on your pursuer and quickly poison your target for a nice overall increase in score. Zacry072 noted that he was averaging 17-18K per game, and players not doing so were floating around the 15-16K mark. So, lvl 29's and above, MAKE SURE YOUR FELLOW BOOSTERS KNOW THE PLAN and then poison them with 15 seconds left (everybody who has poison should be able to get one in, even if they are themselves already poisoned, before it takes effect) for a great score boost. Thanks Zacry072!

Good luck, hope this helps.
SecondHeartbeatDefinitely the best method. Nice guide, man.
Posted by SecondHeartbeat on 09 Jan 11 at 21:56
pyrrhus19This is a great method for boosting XP. Thanks for the guide!
Posted by pyrrhus19 on 10 Jan 11 at 18:12
CYDude 808My pleasure pyrrhus, thanks for your help finishing the 1000!
Posted by CYDude 808 on 11 Jan 11 at 01:02
Feend ReturnsThis solution is terrible. 15k is a way bigger estimate... maybe about 5000 at the max. Believe me, we tried.
Posted by Feend Returns on 12 Jan 11 at 23:03
CYDude 80815K is about average actually...I cannot imagine what you and your party were doing wrong (given the simplicity of the method) to be earning only 5K per game. It's just simple math...

Every round of stuns (you and your teammate) you earn 300 xp, +200 Stun and +100 Knockout. Once stunned you're down for 5 seconds (3 @ lvl 27 with resistance), allow 3 seconds to stand up and get a stun on your already locked on +300 xp every 8 seconds.

4 minute rounds, but let's allow 30 seconds to get in in 3:30 seconds, with a stun and co-op stun every 8 seconds, you get 26 stuns a round, for 7800 xp per round, double that for 15600xp per game.

I included the gt of the rest of the people in my party when WE (all of us) got the achievement. Any one of them could tell you that 15K is actually pretty average.
Posted by CYDude 808 on 13 Jan 11 at 14:50
FATHEAD SHANEGreat guide, really well thought out.
Posted by FATHEAD SHANE on 14 Jan 11 at 18:44
Zacry072Perhaps you should add to the guide that at level 29 you get Poison and everyone at the end of the round (about :15 left) should poison each other in the group. This nets hella points. Everyone should also equip the perk that gives 2x Score after a 5 loss streak (you'll definitely have the streak going with all that stunning) to net even more points with the poison kill.
Posted by Zacry072 on 28 Feb 11 at 15:33
WarkocurGreat guide, thanks! What can be added - if you all synchronize nicely, you can switch your lock when being stunned to the player who is going to be stunned by your teammate. When he/she does the stun, you both get +50 XP for "Co-op Stun". Afterwards lock back to the guy you're stunning in your group and stun him/her (teammate should be already locked on him/her). Moreover, you can use Disguise to achieve "Cloak and Dagger" challenge, which gives you the Strong Disguise ability.
Posted by Warkocur on 26 Jun 11 at 01:19
CYDude 808Well, conservative estimate of 15600 (see above comment) per game, 8 minute games, about 42 games, 334 minutes, not counting loading screens. 6.5 hours, approximately. I legit ranked up to about 17 before I started using this method, so that's just a pure math estimate...650000/15600 is about 42 games, 8 minutes a game is 333.33333 minutes. Don't forget you've got to reach level 5 to unlock alliance in the first place.
Posted by CYDude 808 on 03 Oct 11 at 17:04
Papa El LoroTakes a while but quicker then playing legit. I averaged 1 level per game from 20-40 then it was about 1/2- 3/4 of a level per game. Nice guide man.
Posted by Papa El Loro on 05 Feb 12 at 17:05
Arj295Thanks for the tips.
Posted by Arj295 on 21 Apr 12 at 20:30
CHERRY CHEERIOSStarting this evening on this sounds like it'll be a breeze.
Posted by CHERRY CHEERIOS on 26 Apr 12 at 18:14
Wintr17An addition to what Zacry072 added: if everyone has disguise as their 2nd ability, with about 30 seconds left in each match, everyone turn away and disguise, then by the 20 second mark, everyone poisons their target. With the X2 bonus, this can give over 2000+ points for the one kill at the end of the match.
Also, try to get all the players with Resistance in one group - that'll help them get extra stuns in as well as more Knock Out bonuses for their teammate.
Posted by Wintr17 on 27 Oct 12 at 15:42
NIXXION44the guys who don't have posion can get kills in the last few seconds ONLY after everybody who has posion uses it.
Posted by NIXXION44 on 07 Jan 14 at 01:21
Angels Kill TooNeed people to boost this, let me know
Posted by Angels Kill Too on 24 Apr 15 at 23:14
iamBenjIf anyone is still looking to boost this then send me a message on XBL: iamBenj
Posted by iamBenj on 30 Nov 16 at 02:02
DUS SOULWOUNDi need to boost - please msg me on xbl - DUS SOULWOUND
Posted by DUS SOULWOUND on 07 Jan 17 at 04:38
Holy BesusNeed to boost XB1- Holy Besus
Posted by Holy Besus on 10 May 20 at 01:40
MathCheron QcI need to boost xb1 gmt : MathCheron Qc
Posted by MathCheron Qc on 15 May 20 at 19:44
solidusfxI need too boost too if someone can message :) solidusfx is my GT :)
Posted by solidusfx on 02 Jun 20 at 14:38
LucasZ77I also need to boost XB1 - LucasZ77
Posted by LucasZ77 on 12 Jun 20 at 00:38
eL Xpeneed to boost as well
Posted by eL Xpe on 14 Jun 20 at 18:57
GIBBO OF HULLHow many do we need to boost? I'm down so with all the above comments that should make 4?
Posted by GIBBO OF HULL on 15 Jun 20 at 12:48
EtherionNatsuAlso down to boost hmu
Posted by EtherionNatsu on 20 Jun 20 at 08:08
o iTz HummelDown to boost! Anyone else?
Posted by o iTz Hummel on 25 Sep 20 at 16:12
DragonSilverDWRAlso up for boosting.
Posted by DragonSilverDWR on 07 Jan at 09:00
Cuttle89Ive never played MP before but am looking to start if anyone wants to arrange to do other MP achievements aswell as start sessions for this let me know
Posted by Cuttle89 on 28 Jan at 08:11
MOSESOFBODOMI'm around to work on these. I thought I was level 47 but apparently Brotherhood reset to Level 1, so now I have to start over if I want the chievo, which I do.
Posted by MOSESOFBODOM on 08 Mar at 19:50
Chakas N7Hi i'm available for boosting too
Posted by Chakas N7 on 13 Apr at 18:05
M1ST3R BAC0NSame, would like to boost for the multiplayer achievements
Posted by M1ST3R BAC0N on 23 Apr at 05:36
crazycrispI have not played the multiplayer on this game but would like to boost for the achievements
Posted by crazycrisp on 23 Apr at 08:34
VoadisAvailable for boosting, playing on 360
Posted by Voadis on 26 Apr at 16:05