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Perform a 50 star Style Combo

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02 Oct 2008
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The first level can be used to complete this twice. The first part of the level when you are going down a rail (Standing and Sliding). As there is slow motion and such hit the signs and barrels as this will net you around 4-5 stars per kill. When you get to the bottom of the rail then use the cart (this will help for cart achievement) shooting who ever you can then before the counter stops go onto the next rail going upwards while shooting more of the environment to kill the enemies by the time your up should have around 50-60 star.

The second part would be at the end when the guys first come out in the bar kill all of them get to the top and keep jumping and such so the slow motion comes as you always get more points for the slow motion the guys will come out 8-9 at a time 2-3 times before the final boss for this level.

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abtimbadi dont remember how but i got a 101 star combo.
Posted by abtimbad on 26 Apr 11 at 21:37
Mobius EvalonThat is probably the most unhelpful comment ever.

As for this solution, I found it much easier to turn "Auto Tequila Time" OFF. The game kept using up all of the Tequila time on the rail at the beginning and I had none left when I needed it to keep the chain going. Use manual Tequila time only and use it between the two railings to keep your star combo up, because the enemies on the stairs at both ends are easy pickings without Tequila time.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 24 Jun 13 at 06:25