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Salt in the Wound

An opponent's last permanent leaves the battlefield (Expansion 3)

Salt in the Wound0
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lord verhlord verh169,275
10 Jan 2011 11 Jan 2011
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-Set up a custom duel with the basic blue deck (Thoughts of Wind) against Garruk (green)
-check if you are the starting player, if not restart
-when you are starting player keep skipping cards until you have a 'Boomerang' and two land (blue>island)
(restart game if your cards are not lucky and try it again, you need at least 1 land and 1 boomerang)
-play your land
-let the enemy play his land
-play your land
-use Boomerang
Achievement will pop right away!

You can make it faster by going to advanced options and let yourself start with 9 cards. The trick is to let the enemy have just one permanent, his first land. So if you don't start he will have two lands by the time you can play your boormerang and you will be screwed

good luck!
Beez 808Boomerang requires 2 islands to cast.
Also, the basic blue deck is Thoughts of Wind.
Posted by Beez 808 on 11 Jan 11 at 06:38
Brenin Watson+1, ;D
Posted by Brenin Watson on 11 Jan 11 at 09:24
lord verhthanks, and thanks for confirming it's called Thoughts of Wind
Posted by lord verh on 11 Jan 11 at 14:47
DAVOLICIOUSI'm not sure why, but this didn't pop for me when I did this...
Posted by DAVOLICIOUS on 15 Jan 11 at 18:42
PSYKOFLOWvery good guide thank you.
Posted by PSYKOFLOW on 20 Jan 11 at 21:53
lord verhno thanks, I really enjoyed this game. I love to play with 'Eyes of Shadow' and defeat the enemy with unblockable fear units
Posted by lord verh on 21 Jan 11 at 18:50
I No It Isnt IExcellent guide, went and tried this and got to start first with boomerang and 2 land with only 1 mulligan after looking at this! Cheers.
Posted by I No It Isnt I on 20 Feb 11 at 03:02
MAOraNzaThumbs up for this solution. It helps to put 23 cards on the sideboard 'cause there are only two Boomerang in the deck.
Posted by MAOraNza on 08 Mar 11 at 09:49
HellHoundRulerJust got it thanks it helped alot
Posted by HellHoundRuler on 27 Mar 11 at 03:14
FedderTheGunthx, works great!
Posted by FedderTheGun on 28 Mar 11 at 16:00
JMJimmyIt should be noted that you need to stop the timer after playing your second land.
Posted by JMJimmy on 11 May 11 at 21:12

Re last comment: No you don't. Did this drunk & half understanding the instructions while grooving to the music of the game. Once you lay the 2nd land you can just play the spell as you would any card. Got it first try, second shuffle.
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 26 Jun 11 at 02:29
Tenatius BGarruk will sometimes cast Wall of wood on his first turn which is irritating. However you can get around this with an Unsummon as well as the boomerang. After Wall of Wood comes into play, Unsummon it, then on your second turn drop an Island and cast Boomerang on his Forrest. This is what I ended up having to do, because there wasn't a time when I played first with the requisite cards where Garruk didn't cast Wall of Wood. Also as previously mentioned it helps a lot to remove most of your sideboard cards to increase your odds of getting all the cards you need.
Posted by Tenatius B on 26 Feb 12 at 16:07
The Fury I84IAlso works over xbox live with someone you know ;)
Posted by The Fury I84I on 15 Feb 13 at 16:20
The GlobalizerGot it first try. Excellent solution.
Posted by The Globalizer on 25 Nov 13 at 00:04
AllChristopheWorked like a charm, thanks.
Posted by AllChristophe on 25 Aug 15 at 11:39
A Dreadful ShotGreat solution. Got unlucky the first two times and he played a wall his first turn, gotta love RNG.
Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 17 Jan at 07:20