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Zombie Genocidest

Kill 53,595 Infected.

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11 Jan 2011
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give this a try.
1) start the no mercy finale
2) play as usual with friends or alone your choice of difficulty
3) once you summon the rescue vehicle, go into the jesus room
4) go into the left corner facing the doorway and go idle
5) after a few seconds this will then teleport you back to the safe room!

a friend and i basically just grabbed two sniper rifles and picked off any and all infected that came down the hall. you do get more kills while doing this alone. and since the a.i. cant make their way back, its unlimited kills for you! (however long you last). now you will get tanks and other specials but luckily you can do this on easy and save hours of frustration.

ALSO!: if you have trouble teleporting, try turning the flashlight off or looking down. if this has been patched in any way please let me know.
Radient StarThis hasn't been patched yet.

I haven't been able to really rack in some good kills with this method however. First of all you have to play online with a second controller (or person) which is kind of a pain, you can't do it in Single player. Getting into the Jesus Room and teleporting was easy, the problem is the AI would do it too! They often would run back up to the roof and get themselves killed, but again, annoying. Finally, even on easy the Tank handed me my own ass, and I was pumping it full of sniper shells!

It may work better if you have a friend playing with you, but trying to do it by myself with a guest controller was annoying.
Posted by Radient Star on 26 Feb 11 at 16:32